John Wayne: The Duke’s Estate Drops Amazing Fun Fact About His Cocktail Preferences

by Will Shepard

There are endless stories about how cool John Wayne is, and this one follows suit. He certainly did his nickname, Duke, proud with how extraordinary he was in life. Nonetheless, the official John Wayne Instagram account shared a fun fact about the legendary actor.

Devoted fans of his will know how much he appreciated a stiff cocktail. He was well-known for being able to enjoy an adult beverage. He liked whiskey so much that he even started his own whiskey brand called Duke Spirits.

Duke always said that if he was going to have a drink, it had better be a good one!” The John Wayne account continued with the incredible story, “He was known to chip off pieces from glaciers while in Alaska on the Wild Goose to put in his cocktails.”

There might be nothing cooler than the image of Wayne leaning over the side of his yacht, Wild Goose, a glass for whiskey in one hand and a knife in the other, chipping away at an iceberg.

John Wayne Sailed All Over the World on His Exquisite Yacht

The legendary actor took many sailing trips around the world on his yacht. The Duke would take the boat to Alaska for pleasure sailing. Oftentimes, he would show up in Auke Bay outside of Juneau unannounced on his 136-foot yacht, Wild Goose.

Wayne also loved to use the ship for fishing expeditions. He liked to venture into the Alaska waters with the vessel, with many friends aboard for the journey.

The vessel meant a lot to the legendary actor. John Wayne owned Wild Goose for 17 years, taking it on countless trips all over the world. It was reportedly one of his favorite possessions. He would talk about it constantly, and for those who were close enough with the actor, you probably got an invitation to join him.

Interestingly, in 2011, the yacht was put on the National Register of Historic Places. That is certainly a special honor for a special piece of John Wayne memorabilia.