John Wayne Estate Drops Duke Quote About Hard Work and Not Tolerating the ‘Lazy’

by Jon D. B.

Courtesy of the John Wayne estate, another classic Duke quote is resurfacing that fans believe is still “highly relevant today.”

John Wayne redefined the Hollywood leading man and the tentpole films around them. Countless classic lines from his characters have become ingrained in pop culture. Yet it’s the dialogue of the man himself that truly stands the test of time, especially for us Outsiders.

Such is the case with the latest quote from The Duke courtesy of the John Wayne Estate. And as fans are pointing out on the estate’s official Instagram, Wayne’s words are as relevant today as they’ve ever been:

“I’d like to know why well-educated idiots keep apologizing for lazy and complaining people who think the world owes them a living.”

John Wayne

Duke fan Michael R. comments on Instagram that these words are still “highly relevant today.”

“This question is timeless,” echoes John K.

“Duke for President,” replies another fan. Similar responses are pouring in from followers across the board, with comments like “Same sentiment today Duke!!!”, “We’re asking the same question, Duke,” and “Couldn’t agree more!” rounding out the John Wayne Estate’s Tuesday post.

John Wayne: Timeless Role Model for Outsiders and Beyond

As the Mall of America comments as well, “Oh, what great character this man had!”

Much of his personal character was written into his films. McLintock! is an excellent example of this, with lines like: “I don’t give jobs, I hire men.”

The classic Western comedy was elevated not only by Wayne’s personal values, but by his respect, admiration, and love for his longtime co-star, Maureen O’Hara, as well.

The two were beyond colleagues, as their relationship was truly that of best friends for decades. In fact, as the John Wayne estate points out:

John Wayne & Maureen O’Hara’s friendship spanned nearly 3 decades and the two had great respect for one another,” they cite in a previous post.

There, an excellent throwback clip of John Wayne and O’Hara shows their remarkable relationship off-screen. The respect these two had for one another is beyond evident, as The Duke demonstrates further through his own words, and not that of a character.

In the vintage interview, a reporter tells Wayne that he’s “bridged a generational gap like no one else,” because his two “very young nephews won’t miss a John Wayne picture!”

The Duke replies with his trademark swagger: “That’s because Maureen is in most of them!”

O’Hara lights up with her unrivaled smile.

“She’s been your wife a good many times!” the reporter adds. To which O’Hara brilliantly responds: “His fighting partner!” That’s more like it!

“We’ve never seen any of those love scenes,” Wayne replies genuinely. “It’s always a skillet to her bottom, or dragging her through sheep scuff in Ireland!”

“But there’s no way to make her not look beautiful,” the reporter interjects.

“There’s no way to make her not look beautiful,” The Duke emphasizes.

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