John Wayne Estate Honors The Duke’s ‘Life & Legacy’ on Anniversary of His Death With Classic Cowboy Pic

by Jon D. B.

It’s been 42 years to the day that the world lost John Wayne to cancer. But today, we celebrate his remarkable life with fellow fans and Outsiders.

While loss is always painful, it always helps to celebrate a life. And there is so much to celebrate when it comes to The Duke himself, John Wayne. Today, his estate is doing just that with fans on the 42nd anniversary of his death.

“May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979 🤠 This day 42 years ago the world lost John Wayne to cancer and today we remember his life & legacy,” Wayne’s Estate cites on their official Instagram.

“In honor of the Duke, what is your favorite thing about John Wayne?” they ask, alongside an iconic shot of the American legend. Check out the perfect photo below, which perfectly captures his magic, before we get into the best responses from fans in celebration of Wayne’s life.

“When I die, I want Ann-Margret to dance on my coffin. If you don’t see me in five minutes, you’ll know I’m dead for sure,” quotes The Duke’s Estate on Twitter. John Wayne famously said this about his The Train Robbers co-star, Ann-Margret.

While this didn’t come to pass, it’s yet another glimpse into the fascinating man that was John Wayne.

John Wayne Fans Celebrate the Life of an Irreplaceable Icon

Fans are making good on his Estate’s prompt, too. Hundreds of fans are replying with their “favorite thing” about The Duke, with the top comment being:

“His love for this great country, 🇺🇸,” says fan Dmitri. Follower Becky feels the same, saying “His love of America, and his respect of our flag….a true American ❤️!”

Jennifer echoes with: “He didn’t waiver on his morals.. beliefs.. work ethic.. Our family is all about John Wayne.. We have a full size cardboard cut out of him on our dining room wall.. Admiration.. Respect.. Honor.. & the list goes on…”

“Growing up and knowing there was one man out there that my father idolized,” responds follower Lincoln. “It left a lasting impression on me, as my father was rather stoic.”

Another fan, who’s named their own Instagram account after John Wayne himself, replies with all of the above: “Timeless!! American Icon, My Hero, Patriot, and I enjoy his movies more now than I did when I first started watching them.”

Follower Regina, however, says it all comes down to John Wayne‘s “smile and his honesty! He was the greatest cowboy ever!❤️❤️”

Yet this next fan has a personal story attached to The Duke, one which may top all other fan responses:

“Love his westerns, but mostly I love how fond my dad is of the photo he and his brother took with John Wayne when they were kids,” responds Anna Dolly.

What a memory. And what a man!