John Wayne Estate Just Kicked Off the Weekend with Glorious Throwback Photo of The Duke

by Matthew Memrick

On Friday, John Wayne’s estate connected with Instagram fans, proclaiming that it was time to enjoy a glorious weekend after a shortened workweek. 

The caption read, “The feeling after a short work week!”

John Wayne, a train and a smile? You can’t beat that.

In real life, the actor knew when it was time to take a break, whether it was by boat or train. Maybe that’s part of the legendary actor’s aura and what drew many to his famous life.

Another Former Actor Praised Wayne

In 1988, former actor and U.S. President Ronald Regan chatted with Wayne. The CBS documentary John Wayne: An American Hero featured the two friends in an interview. 

After the interview wrapped up, Reagan told a story that highlighted Wayne’s character and a big heart.

Reagan told the story of the first Screen Actors Guild strike. At that time, he was the Screen Actors Guild president. So, Regan was catching most of the blame from the media and the Hollywood elite.

At this time, Reagan and Wayne were only acquaintances.  

The former President explained that, “When you were at different studios, you knew about each other, but you didn’t run into them as often as you might. So, I didn’t know him well at all.”

Reagan worked hard on the strike negotiations and was often away from home. Wayne, however, got his support.

“In the mornings, for seven months, I was out of that house at meetings trying to get this thing settled,” Reagan said. “And, Nancy would be there with the morning papers. Sometimes, they were worse than others.” 

Then, Reagan went on to explain how the Duke reached out to his family.

“One day, Nancy told me that she’d had a phone call that morning after I left, and it was John Wayne.” 

The Duke kept up with the news through the papers. Wayne wanted to be supportive of Reagan. 

So, according to Reagan, he just called to say, “I thought you might want to hear a friendly voice about this time.” 

He then went on to tell her he backed her husband and filled her in with the SAG proceedings.

The moment turned into many moments and phone calls. Reagan said that John Wayne called his house every morning just to cheer Nancy up. 

In retrospect, Reagan added, “That was typical of [John Wayne].”

Fan of ‘The Duke’ And Others

Great John Wayne films are what young boys grew up watching, and that was no different with another great actor, Sam Elliott.

Elliott has made no secret of his fandom of the “Duke.” He may have thrown out other famous actors like Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper, but he favored Wayne’s style.

In a 2017 interview with Zoomer, Elliott talked about his favorite western movies “The Searchers” and “Red River.”

Wayne played the protagonist in those films, while Elliott said he developed an appreciation for Stewart and Cooper’s work.