John Wayne Grit Series Trail Runs: See the Dates for Upcoming Fall Events Benefitting The Duke’s Cancer Foundation

by Clayton Edwards

The John Wayne Grit Series trail runs are an awesome way for fans of the Duke to help fight cancer. The trail runs give the participants a little something as well. If you get in on one of them, you will be able to run or walk through some iconic scenery. Some of the events take place in the locations where the Duke shot some of his most iconic films. The others will take participants through gorgeous western landscapes.

In short, the trail runs allow you to stand where the Duke once stood. At the same time, you get to have that experience while supporting a good cause. If that sounds like something you would like to do, you’re in luck. There are three John Wayne Grit Series trail runs coming up this fall.

This first of this fall’s John Wayne Grit Series events takes place in Flagstaff, Arizona on September 4th. That event is a half marathon which comes out to a little over 13 miles. The next event takes place on October 16th in Lone Pine, California. You have two options for that event. You can do a 10k or a half marathon. The final trail run of the year is a 5k that starts at the Fort Worth Stockyards in Fort Worth, Texas. That event takes place on November 13.

How Much Do the John Wayne Grit Series Trail Runs Cost?

If you want to take part in any of the trail runs, you have two options. You can fundraise for the event. If you do that, your registration is free. However, if you would rather just pay to get in on the John Wayne-themed runs, you can do that as well.

If you want to attend the John Wayne Grit Series event in Flagstaff, it will cost you $110 to register.

Those who want to get in on the event in Lone Pine have two options. The 10k costs $70 and the half marathon is $90.

The 5k that kicks off at the Fort Worth Stockyards is $70.

If you want to register just head over to the John Wayne Grit Series website. Once there, you can choose an event, pick a way to pay, and get signed up.

The Duke’s Cancer Foundation

John Wayne died of stomach cancer in 1979. Fifteen years before that, he beat lung cancer. During that fifteen-year stretch, the Duke became passionate about helping others fight the disease. Because of this, his family set up a cancer foundation in his name. Their mission is to, ”Bring courage, strength, and grit to the fight against cancer,” according to the “About” section of their website. They fund innovative programs that improve the lives and outcomes of cancer patients through education, awareness, research, and support.

The John Wayne Grit Series trail runs are just one way that they raise money for the foundation.