John Wayne Shows Off Massive Catch While Fishing in Throwback Snap Posted by His Estate

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by REPORTERS ASSOCIES/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

John Wayne fans know The Duke’s beloved boat, The Wild Goose, but wait until you see this gigantic catch the avid angler once brought in.

“Duke was an avid outdoorsman and loved spending time fishing while he was on his boat, the Wild Goose,” his estate begins on their official Instagram. Within, John Wayne fans are treated to a glorious, vintage photo of the man himself wielding what looks to be a big ol’ Atlantic salmon. What a catch!

As his estate, well, states, Wayne was a prolific outdoorsman. One of us! One of us! The Duke of Outsiders rarely missed a chance to set out on his famous vessel, The Wild Goose. He would often treat family, friends, and even Presidents of the United States to fishing and/or pleasure voyages.

The Wild Goose isn’t just any boat, however. Originally christened the USS YMS-328, this beaut is a decommissioned US Navy YMS-1-class. Built in Ballard, Washington on the Seattle coast, the boat that would eventually become John Wayne’s served in World War II.

Afterward, she would become a private yacht. From The Wild Goose, John Wayne would catch any and all sorts of angler’s favorites, as seen below:

John Wayne: Duke of the Outdoors

Before The Wild Goose came into The Duke’s possession, she was with millionaire Max Wyman. Wyman gave her the name Wild Goose II, in honor of her WWII origins. Then, in 1962, Wayne would buy the yacht for himself. After a major renovation and shortening her name to The Wild Goose, the icon would own the classic vessel for the last 17 years of his life. Among his company on the yacht? None other than two polar-opposite presidents: Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

He even once sailed the seas with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and more icons of their time.

In 2018, The Duke’s Estate would celebrate John Wayne’s love of the outdoors, fishing, and The Wild Goose herself with the release of “The John Wayne Handy Book.” Still widely available today, this “handy guide” is filled with “step-by-step advice” and “real-world” expertise from the life of the legend himself.

The handbook is as John Wayne as they come… Skills, like riding a horse, saving a drowning person, orienteering, building a fire and much more are included. Chiefly for our subject today, however, the book includes “how to clean, scale, and gut a fish the proper way” like the man himself.

And no, we’re not sponsored, this fellow Outsider just think that’s as damn fun as it is! Wayne’s estate agrees, too, and often posts the book with followers of The Duke to share the love:

What a life. What a legend.