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John Wayne Museum to Host Children’s Book Readings: Here’s What to Know

by Samantha Whidden
John Wayne holding a rifle in a publicity photo for the movie Shepherd of the Hills.

The John Wayne Experience, which is in Fort Worth, Texas has recently announced a free children’s book reading each Thursday throughout the summer. According to the exhibit’s website, the free event is available for children of all ages and is hosted at 10:30 am from July 1st to August 26th. 

Children participating in the event will earn a Little Duke Sheriff stick, which will give them free admission to the museum and two free mini cookies at the Nestle Toll House in the Stockyards. Adults who accompany children to the event will also receive 20% off admission to the exhibit. No purchase is necessary for the kids.

Where is the John Wayne Experience Located?

The John Wayne Experience is located at the 2501 Rodeo Plaza, next to the Cowtown Coliseum. The exhibit is described as a structure that gives visitors an “intimate” tour of John Wayne’s life, starting with his early childhood and career to highlights of his legacy. 

Those who attend the exhibit will receive exclusive access to never-before-seen family photos as well as correspondence that have been curated by the late actor’s family. Tickets are available for $16.95 and $20.95. In a recent social media post, John Wayne’s youngest son, Ethan, gave visual tours of the exhibit. 

Ethan also shares how he and his family discovered his late father’s memorabilia after his brother, Michael, passed away in 2003. “We noticed a lot of money going to a storage facility. So we made an appointment, we went out and it was sort of an Indiana Jones-style boxes,” Ethan Wayne reveals in the tour’s clip. “[The storage facility] pulled some [of the boxes] down, we start going through it, [the] first thing was plastic cups. And then there was toilet paper. You start thinking ‘Oh, it’s a bunch of junk’ and then we realized, wait a minute, an Academy Award. This is something significant.”

Reba and Other Country Stars visit the Wayne Experience

In a recent Instagram post, the Wayne estate announced that country superstar Reba McEntire visited the exhibit. The post reads, “We are so excited to have the Queen of Country in to John Wayne: An American Experience last month. Thank you for stopping by Reba.”

The snap features Reba posing between John Wayne and Robert Mitchum cutouts, smiling ear to ear.

Along with Reba, fellow country singer Travis Tritt also visited the John Wayne exhibit. He shares on Instagram his experience. “I had the wonderful privilege of touring the John Wayne: An American Experience exhibit in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday! I encourage every John Wayne fan to visit this amazing exhibit the next time you are in Cowtown!” The images in the post featured Tritt exploring the exhibit, including him standing alongside cutouts of the western actor.