John Wayne Once Revealed His Special Recipe for BBQ Deviled Eggs

by John Jamison

Celebrity cookbooks are nothing new. They’ve been a fun way to connect with your favorite stars for years. After all, movie stars are people too. And people like to eat. But what may come as a surprise is John Wayne’s talent for cooking. That’s right. The Duke himself had a knack for throwing together a recipe. And what could be more fitting for the Western star than a recipe for BBQ deviled eggs?

The recipe comes from “The Official John Wayne 5-Ingredient Homestyle Cookbook,” which includes over a hundred dishes that Wayne himself enjoyed.

Classic Country Music was kind enough to share the recipe for John Wayne’s patented deviled eggs. And you probably have the ingredients on hand to make them right now. To get started, all you need is eggs, dijon mustard, barbeque sauce, some mayo, and a pinch of salt and pepper.

The procedure is as simple as it gets. Boil up the eggs, separate the yolks, whip ’em up with the mayo and mustard, hit ’em with some salt and pepper, put them back into the whites, then top with barbeque sauce and shower the whole deal with green onions. Boom. You’re a chef now.

While you eat them, enjoy this wholesome picture of John Wayne gazing at a massive plate of pasta with pure joy.

What Else Did John Wayne Like to Eat?

According to Taste of Home, John Wayne was a bit of a grill master. He loved it so much, in fact, that he had an indoor grill. We don’t necessarily condone inside grilling, but we’ll give Duke a pass on this one. The man loved his steaks.

Another one of Wayne’s favorite meals was a big bowl of chili. Apparently, he’d spice it up by mixing in a few shots of tequila. Nothing wrong with that.

Going through the list of recipes, a pretty specific theme emerges. The man was a fiend for down-home comfort food. He apparently appreciated everything from baked beans to cornbread, and we don’t blame him.