John Wayne Owned a Newport Beach House: Take a Tour of the Ocean-Side Property

by Madison Miller

John Wayne’s net worth was estimated to be around $7 million when he passed away in 1979. Due to inflation, that would be somewhere closer to $25 million in today’s dollars.

The actor acquired a massive amount of money, most of which Wayne made appearing in a number of hit westerns. The actor enjoyed the beach, spending his final years in a water-front property.

John Wayne’s Newport Beach Home

In a 1977 issue of Architectural Digest, the publication broke down the last home John Wayne ever lived in. The house is in Newport Beach, California, on the edge of the water facing Balboa Island.

He lived there for 14 years until he passed away. Before that, he was living in a large five-acre ranch in Encino.

“I’m glad I came down here to live fourteen years ago. I sure as hell couldn’t afford it now,” John Wayne had said.

The house, although it has a striking view and was in a gated community, was modest for one of the most popular film actors of that generation. He had a beautiful study in his house, which happened to be the largest room in his house. It has a fireplace as well as a collection of Western-themed art that would be the biggest clue in the house that The Duke lived there. He had Native American artifacts, kachina dolls, prints, and oils in the room.

Wayne loved to go antiquing, which was clear with the beautiful and unique pieces he once had in the house. While he was filming movies and trapped in hotel or motel rooms, he would venture out to different antique stores around.

John Wayne also had trophies and artifacts from his many travels. His desk had photos of his children, boating photos, and a snapshot of him alongside Henry Fonda and John Ford. He had one wall that he called the “Fifty Years of Hard Work Wall,” which included his “True Grit” Oscar.

Wayne House Was Sold in 2013

According to Wall Street Journal, the house was put on the market in 2013 for $3.95 million. The 400-square-foot home is now in a popular gated community.

However, the house doesn’t necessarily have that charm that someone would expect from a John Wayne home. This is because the house was renovated by previous owners. Any of Wayne’s old collectibles, artifacts, and ’70s decor are long gone.

Now the house is just a piece of history in the movie star’s life. Everything else has been redone and has a more modernized look.

For new owners, the house holds history. But they went with their own style instead of the Duke’s.