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John Wayne Pours a Drink in Glorious Throwback Photo Shared by Estate

by Quentin Blount
Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

Would there have been anything better in the world than to have shared a drink with the one and only John Wayne? Our guess is probably not.

It goes without saying that John Wayne is one recognizable names and faces of all time. It was Wayne, who is often referred to as “The Duke,” who was the face of Hollywood’s Golden Age. He starred in numerous films — 76 to be exact — during his illustrious movie career. However, he is best known for his starring roles in Western and war movies.

But the legendary John Wayne than just a beloved and hard-working actor. He was a loving father, a fisherman, horseman, hunter, and adventurer. And he loved the United States of America. He was the definition of a true Outsider.

The Duke’s perfectionist mentality went far beyond his work on the set of movies. He also brought that same devotion and excellence to his other favorite hobbies. One of them being creating his own whiskey and tequila. Wayne made it a goal of his to find the greatest of all the American Whiskeys. He only wanted the best of the best. That makes sense seeing as how Wayne has been often quoted as saying that if he was going to have a drink, “It had better be a good one.”

In perfect timing for “Thirsty Thursday,” the Instagram account for the John Wayne Estate shared a throwback photo of Wayne pouring a drink.

“If it’s Thursday, and you’re feeling thirsty then go ahead and pour up some @dukespirits 🥃💪🏼”

Fans of The Duke recognized the picture right off the bat saying, “Looks like Red’s office in HELLFIGHTERS. Beautiful.”

“Cheers to the Duke John Wayne,” another follower said.

John Wayne’s ‘Duke’ Whiskey Line

If you are a fan of the man, the myth, and the legend of John Wayne himself, you may want to check out the John Wayne whiskey by Duke. The whiskey, a collection of premium bourbon and rye, is carefully crafted in Kentucky. To add to the nostalgia, the line was actually inspired by bottles of whiskey that were discovered in the private collection of John Wayne.

As far as the ratings go, Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon received a 96 out of 100 score from Tasting Panel Magazine. It runs about $45 per bottle. As for the more-aged stuff, Duke Grand Cru Reserve will run you about $107. However, the ten-year-old bourbon received a 98 out of 100 score. Similarly, the Duke Grand Cru Double Barrel Rye costs ($107) and scored a 97.

If you are a whiskey lover like the great John Wayne was, there is no doubt that Duke whiskey would be right up your wheelhouse.