John Wayne Once Randomly Knocked On a Person’s Door to Ask For a Drink

by Halle Ames

John Wayne once shared the story of when he and Maureen O’Hara randomly knocked on a stranger’s door to ask for a drink.

Imagine going about your day at home. Doing the dishes, lounging on the couch, you know, day off activities, and then you hear a knock at your front door. To your surprise, when you open the door, Boom! John Wayne appears.

This is probably how the homeowner’s day played out when two of Hollywood’s biggest stars came knocking.

According to Irish Central, John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara were “out on a bender, pulled off the highway somewhere in Los Angeles and knocked on a stranger’s door looking for a drink. The homeowner almost fainted when he saw Hollywood’s two brightest stars at his front door but invited them in for a nightcap anyway.”

I wonder how that dinner party went.

John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara Relationship

O’Hara and Wayne remained close friends and, possibly, even more, bonding about their decorated careers and how they were plagued with bad luck.

The two worked together on the film “The Quiet Man,” where critics said their on-screen chemistry was “so strong it made the film an instant classic.”

Both had their battles with cancer, which eventually claimed John Wayne’s life in 1979. Maureen, however, died in 2015 in her sleep from natural causes.

They both also have a string of broken marriages under their belt. Each was married three times, although Maureen O’Hara’s last husband died in a mysterious plane crash.

John Wayne spoke to his close friend on his deathbed, recounting their trial and tribulations. He said, “Maureen, why did you and I have such lousy luck.”

Maureen O’Hara noted what the last thing John Wayne said to her, always laying on the charm.

“That’s a gorgeous coat. It looks beautiful on you,” said Wayne.

Smoking Habit

O’Hara pointed to one of John Wayne’s habits in particular as to the reason for his cancer and death. Throughout the actor’s life, he had been a heavy smoker.

According to Pharm Exec, Wayne was smoking three to six packs of cigarettes a day starting in his teenage years.

At the age of 57, he had his first diagnosis with lung cancer. Upon removing the tumor and most of his lung, he switched his smoking habit to primarily cigars. It wasn’t very long after that the cancer was back, and it had spread to his stomach, which doctors removed.