John Wayne’s Son Ethan Remembers His ‘Driving Lessons’ With the Duke: ‘He Had a Lot of Fun Doing That’

by Jon D. B.

There’s no better place for rare glimpses into the life of The Duke than right here on Outsider, courtesy of the John Wayne Estate!

“When I was about five he would drive to Los Angeles, put me on his lap, and make me steer,” says Ethan Wayne, the youngest son of The Duke.

His father’s estate shares this rare glimpse into their life together Tuesday. It’s always a treat to see the man behind the mythical icon that is John Wayne. And there’s no one better to share him with us than Ethan.

“If I would start driving out of the lane he would yell, ‘Hey — get back in the lane!’ and scare the crap out of me,” Ethan continues of his father’s driving lessons.

The best part of Ethan’s fond memories? “He would also accelerate when we would go into a corner,” he reveals of his iconic father. “He had a lot of fun doing that.”

“Ethan Wayne on learning how to drive with dad, John Wayne 🤠 You can see one of the Duke’s custom station wagons on display at John Wayne: An American Experience.”

John Wayne Estate

Above, Wayne’s estate shares a rare photo of Ethan riding in The Duke’s lap in one of their station wagons. In fact, the John Wayne: An American Experience exhibit has one on display currently for fans to see.

Visit the John Wayne: An American Experience Glory For Yourself!

Looking to take in the life and times of The Duke? What Outsider isn’t? John Wayne fans can find the phenomenal museum within the Historic Exhibits Building on the corner of Exchange St. and Rodeo Plaza in the Fort Worth Stockyards of Fort Worth, Texas.

There, the exhibits are open 7 days a week, which makes planning a trip all the easier. Once there, the experience opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 6 p.m.

Outsider advises avoiding the line and purchasing tickets for the John Wayne: An American Experience online right here.

Once inside, “All patrons will have exclusive access to never-before-seen family photos… And correspondences which have been thoughtfully curated by the Wayne family.”

This includes Ethan, who has been heavily involved with the exhibits’ making. Through the family, the experience gives John Wayne fans a “holistic view of the icon.” The intent is to immerse visitors fully in Wayne’s values that his estate says “translate both on the silver screen and off.”

The Fort Worth Stockyards also features a 2,000 square foot retail space for fans of The Duke! There, you’ll find “limited-edition items including apparel, headwear, books, drinkware, fine art… Western photography, leather goods and western accessories.”

And don’t worry, photos are allowed! If you get to the museum, be sure to let your fellow Outsiders and John Wayne fans how it is!