John Wayne’s Son Shows Off the Duke’s ‘McLintock’ Wardrobe at His New Museum

by Matthew Wilson

John Wayne had a style that was unique and all his own. It didn’t matter which movie or western the Duke appeared in. He was always dressed to impress.

Now, in honor of the Duke Days of May, Wayne’s son Ethan is revisiting some of his father’s classic duds. Ethan stopped by the “John Wayne: An American Experience” exhibit in Fort Worth, Texas. That 10,000-square-foot museum gallery is an ode to Wayne and his iconic life and career.

Ethan wanted to highlight Wayne’s wardrobe from the classic film “McClintock!” in 1963.

“McClintock! is definitely a fan favorite. He had a great wardrobe in it. And here’s a perfect example of something he wore on-screen. His portrayal of George Washington McClintock in that movie, it’s just a great movie. A lot of humor, a lot of fun. I don’t think I’ve seen wardrobe presented so impactfully anywhere else. So we’re proud of it,” Ethan says in the video.

Museum Opens For John Wayne

There’s been a lot to celebrate recently for fans of John Wayne. The museum in Fort Worth, Texas is a reminder of the historic career that the Duke had. In an interview with Culture Map, his son Ethan discussed his plans to open the museum for his father.

Ethan was unaware of how much memorabilia, wardrobes, and other artifacts his father had from his movie career. Previously, his older brother Michael ran John Wayne Enterprises. But Michael passed away in 2003 and the responsibility fell to Ethan.

“I thought, ‘My gosh, we have a lot of really significant memorabilia here,” he said. “I don’t think the rest of the family really knew. From that moment we started thinking about how we were going to find a home for it.”

Ethan developed an idea to create a museum exhibit to honor his father. But it still took a number of years to bring to fruition. First, he decided to set up a pop-up museum in Las Vegas to gauge interest. When that proved to be successful, Ethan moved forward with his John Wayne exhibit in Fort Worth.

Additionally, the month of May brings the Duke Days of May on INSPO. The channel is airing all of your favorite John Wayne classics every weekend of the month. There’s plenty of Duke content to choose from, given the longevity of Wayne’s career. This is in celebration of Wayne’s birthday on May 26th.