John Wayne: See the Duke’s Family Come Together on Father’s Day in Incredible Tribute

by Jon D. B.

“One great dad can leave a big impact!” Celebrate The Duke with his family this father’s day, courtesy of the John Wayne Estate.

Shortly before Father’s Day 2021, the surviving family of one of the most prolific American icons in history came together. From far and wide, kin of The Duke gathered to celebrate his birthday – May 26 – for what is now known as “John Wayne Day.”

It’s a fitting tribute to a man who changed the entertainment industry forever, and his family couldn’t be more proud to gather in his honor.

For Father’s Day, the John Wayne Estate is sharing a fantastic shot of the gathering to keep the love rollin’ along. Their Sunday posts showcases the many living relatives of The Duke as they gather around a banner made for only the sort of man Wayne was, is, and always will be.

“One great dad can leave a big impact 💪🏼 Members of John Wayne’s family came together on Duke’s birthday to celebrate John Wayne’s legacy and John Wayne Day in Fort Worth!” his Estate shares Sunday. “

“Happy Father’s Day to all the fellow great dads 🤠!”

Check out the shot for yourself below for a glimpse into the festivities that continue on into Father’s Day 2021:

John Wayne’s Legacy Lives on Through Family & Estate

It’s been 42 years now since the world lost John Wayne to cancer. Hard to believe for some, as his presence is still a mighty one that continues to define Americana to this day. As such, we continue to celebrate his remarkable life with fellow fans and Outsiders. He is, after all, The Duke.

Loss is always painful, sure. In light of this, it always helps to celebrate a life alongside mourning. And in the case of the Hollywood legend, there is so much to celebrate (understatement of the century).

Wayne’s estate is does a phenomenal job of this, too. Following the organization on social media reveals daily posts with remarkable insights into the icon. Recently, they did so to tremendous effect on the 42nd anniversary of his death.

“May 26, 1907 – June 11, 1979 🤠 This day 42 years ago the world lost John Wayne to cancer and today we remember his life & legacy,” his estate cited on their official Instagram.

“In honor of the Duke, what is your favorite thing about John Wayne?” they ask, alongside an iconic shot of the American legend. Check out our coverage of their apt photo here, which perfectly captures his magic, alongside the best responses from fans in celebration of the life of The Duke.

As for Wayne’s outlook on death himself, he kept it jovial – as he did with most things in life.

“When I die, I want Ann-Margret to dance on my coffin. If you don’t see me in five minutes, you’ll know I’m dead for sure,” quotes his Estate on Twitter recently.

John Wayne famously said this about his The Train Robbers co-star, Ann-Margret. While this did not come to pass, it’s yet another glimpse into the fascinating man that was John Wayne.