John Wayne: Watch The Duke Star in Classic 1978 Great Western Savings Commercial

by Quentin Blount

The great John Wayne has appeared in many Western films during his time on top of the industry. But did you know that he also starred in a 1978 advertisement for Great Western Savings?

Let’s make no mistake about it — John Wayne is one of the most popular actors of all time. Often referred to as The Duke, it is estimated that Wayne appeared in at least 76 movies. However, fans of classic movies know that John Wayne particularly shined in all of the Western and War movies.

Everyone was trying to get John Wayne to star in their movie back in the day, but it was not just producers and directors who were trying to bring him in. There were also many businesses clamoring for Wayne to star in one of their commercials. And he did just that when he appeared in a 1978 TV video commercial from Great Western Savings.

“Well, I decided to throw in with an outfit that I can be proud of,” Wayne says in the video. He is dressed in his classic Western attire. He then brands a big “GW” logo onto the outside of his wagon.

“A big ‘G-W,'” Wayne exclaims. “Great Western Savings. I like what they stand for. Besides, any outfit that has been around longer than I have, must be doing something right.”

You can watch the entire commercial for yourself by clicking down below:

John Wayne Watched All of His Own Movies

Many fans of The Duke have wondered at one time or another if he watched his own movies. Many of today’s top actors — like Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro — never watch their own films.

But John Wayne was a different animal. Not only did he watch all of his own movies, he once said that it was in his best interest as a professional actor to do so. Wayne explained as much in a 1976 interview with Phil Donahue.

“Do you watch all of your movies?” a fan asked Wayne during a question-and-answer segment. “And if you do, do you enjoy them? A lot of stars say they don’t watch them.”

“Well, I have seen all of the pictures that I’ve made,” The Duke replied. “And I think professionally, it would be kind of ridiculous for me not to see them.”

The lucky fan was able to squeeze in one more question before her time was up.

“Are you critical of them or can you enjoy them?” she asked.

Wayne admitted that he was his biggest critic. That doesn’t come as much of a surprise though, when you’re talking about a perfectionist like John Wayne.

“I am most critical,” Wayne admitted. “But hell, a lot of them I’ve enjoyed.”

You can be sure that he watched all of his advertisements, like the one with Great Western Savings, as well.