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John Wayne’s Children Reveal What Life on the Road Was Like with Dad

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, John Wayne’s sons Patrick, Marisa Wayne, and Ethan Wayne sat down to chat about their famous father’s adventures during the first episode of the John Wayne Gritcast podcast. 

While chatting, John Wayne’s children reflected on what life on the road was like with their famous father. They chat about the memories of filming the mudslide scene from Wayne’s hit 1964 film McLintock! As well as Patrick’s first road trip with Ethan and Marisa’s mother, Pilar. “We had some amazing trips, especially in Mexico.”

Patrick then chatted about what happened when John Wayne dropped Ethan off to stay with Patrick while the actor was filming The Bears and I. Marisa also recalled when she learned the difference between snakes and worms. 

As previously reported, the John Wayne Gritcast is a new podcast that revolves around the actor’s life on and off movie sets. The Wayne Estate also revealed that Ethan is the host and is going to discuss the classic icon and the Americana he is continuing to inspire. 

John Wayne’s Son Patrick Opens Up About His Personality 

During a 2017 interview with Jeremy Roberts, Patrick Wayne revealed more details about John Wayne’s personality away from movie sets. “I would say my dad had a terrific sense of humor. A bit on the dry side,” Patrick stated. He then said that his father’s sense of humor wasn’t something that he “employed” in films. Even though he showed some of his sense of humor in a few of his films. 

Patrick then recalled an incident that happened during the Vietnam controversy, when his father was invited to The Harvard Lampoon Club in Cambridge Massachusetts for a Hasty Pudding award and subsequent road.

“He showed up at Harvard on an armored personnel carrier, standing up on top like he was going down the road for a parade,” Patrick revealed. “Immediately, these people cheered for him because they respected him, even if they didn’t necessarily agree with his politics. He just put it right in their face.”

Patrick also described John Wayne as actually being a pretty down-to-earth person.

“My dad was one of these people whose presence was show-stopping. He could walk into a room and everything would come to a standstill. By the same token, in five minutes he could just charm you into being totally relaxed and comfortable. Being charming and easygoing came naturally to him.”

In regards to making friends while being John Wayne’s son, Patrick said it wasn’t a big deal.

“They knew who I was and who my dad was. My dad, in a sense, was also growing and becoming and more important. More and more well known. It was happening to all of us in my close circle of friends.”