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John Wayne’s Son Patrick Says He Named His Kid After One of the Duke’s Unused Nicknames

by Quentin Blount
Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images

The great John Wayne has had many nicknames over the years. And evidently, some of those nicknames were good enough to use as first names for his grandchildren.

Just about everyone on the planet knows who John Wayne is. You may remember him by his most popular nickname — “The Duke.” He was practically the face of classic television and he’s without a doubt one of the most iconic actors of all time. Wayne starred in more than 80 films that were made during the Golden Age of Hollywood. But he is best known for his roles in Western and war movies.

Even though John Wayne was one of the biggest stars on the planet during his time, less is known about his sons and even his grandsons. Patrick Wayne might be the most recognizable of the bunch. He is the second son of John Wayne and his first wife, Josephine Alicia Saenz, and Wayne’s third oldest child overall. And he starred in more than 40 movies, 11 of which were alongside his iconic father.

Although we don’t know much about John Wanye’s kids, we are finding out a little more with each passing day thanks to The John Wayne Gritcast. Patrick Wayne made his appearance on the show alongside siblings, host Ethan Wayne, and special guest Marisa Wayne. The three talk about what life was like with their movie-star father and exchange some fun stories.

One of those fun stories was about why Patrick named his son “Anthony.”

“Raoul Walsh was going to name my dad, he was gonna name him Anthony Wayne,” Patrick explained. “But then, ya know, they called him ‘Mad Anthony Wayne’ after the general in the Revolutionary War. So they said, ‘Wayne, yeah, but we’ll call him John Wayne. So I named my son Anthony Wayne.”

There Are Currently Three Available Episodes of ‘The John Wayne Gritcast’

For all of you die-hard John Wayne fans, you should definitely look into The John Wayne Gritcast if you haven’t already. Even the name of the podcast is a perfect play off of the 1969 film True Grit, which the Duke starred in.

But it’s the content of the podcast that is what’s so great. The description for the podcast on Spotify reads, “The John Wayne Gritcast is a fresh perspective on a classic icon and the Americana he still inspires.”

Now, we talked a little bit about the first episode up above. The second episode of the show is a continuation of the first with Patrick Wayne. As for episode three, Ethan Wayne sits down with his mother Pilar Wayne. She details some of her earliest memories of growing up in Peru. She also tells the story of how she met John Wayne and how the two fell madly in love.