John Wayne’s Son Talks Honoring the Duke by Launching Bourbon Line

by Quentin Blount

Are you looking for a new bourbon to try out? If so, you may want to consider stepping back in history and trying a bourbon inspired by the iconic John Wayne.

Just about everyone on the face of the Earth has heard of John Wayne. “The Duke,” as so many people refer to him as, was the face of Hollywood during his time, particularly in the Western film genre. He starred in more than 80 movies and is widely considered to be the one of the most beloved actors of all time.

As you can probably imagine, as successful an actor as Wayne was, he had a lot of interests off screen as well. One of those passions he had was for bourbon. As a matter of fact, he spent many years actually trying to perfect his own.

John Wayne’s youngest son, Ethan Wayne, previously sat down with Fox Business to discuss just that.

“My father had many different interests, but he was busy,” Ethan said.

How busy, you might ask?

“You know, he made two films, he’s gone six months a year, and then he’s gotta come back and deal with family, three wives, and other business. So, besides spirits, and ranching, and mining, and farming, he just didn’t have time to get to everything.”

CEO of Duke Spirits Wants to Follow John Wayne’s Legacy

Ethan Wayne took over his father’s estate after his passing. It was there he and Chris Radomski found the movie star’s personal liquor collection and decided to launch a brand new bourbon line in his honor — Duke Spirits.

“We got into our archives, and I saw all of the bourbons, tequilas, wines, and champagnes that have been stored there for forty years,” Ethan explained. “We knew what he liked, and we thought it was appropriate to bring something to market that was timeless over trend. I think that’s what you’ll find in this bottle.”

As for Radomski, the now CEO of Duke Spirits, he said that there he had a clear idea of what John Wayne liked to drink.

“We had the opportunity when Ethan showed us what he uncovered to taste a lot of the spirits that his dad had in the archives,” Radomski said. “And there really was a definitive profile…It’s our pleasure to follow the legacy.”

In conclusion, Ethan Wayne had a message for all of you bourbon drinkers out there. In doing so, he also takes a shot at the federal government.

“I think you should by bourbon now,” he shared. “Because at the rate our government is printing money, it’s going to become more valuable over time.”

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