The ‘John Wick’ Creator Has a New TV Show Coming That Sounds Awesome

by Kati Michelle

The man who killed three people with a pencil. Remember him? Keanu Reeves took on the role of “John Wick” back in 2014. Since then, fans saw the character take on a variety of the world’s most violent mobs, gangs, and assassins through the franchise’s three films. His kill streak was so long that by the end of it if you tried to match his shots with shots of whiskey, you’d probably be in the hospital or dead (like his victims). If you’ve re-watched the series one too many times, there is some good news. The “John Wick” creator just announced a new TV show coming out and it sounds epic.

(And no, this one probably won’t feature Aaron Rodgers, despite the case he made for it…)

New ‘John Wick’ TV Show Still Looking for a Female Lead

Derek Kolstad is the name and brain behind the entire “John Wick” franchise. His other credits include “Nobody,” Marvel drama “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,” as well as “The Princess.” As he takes on the Executive Producer role for the “John Wick” prequel, he takes on the same title for his newly greenlighted TV show as well.

ABC picked up “Candygram,” which is essentially a fast-paced spy drama. Katie Stone and David Daitch join Executive Producer Kolstad as the resident writers to bring the show to life. The premise of the show involves a local who gets word of the CIA’s presence in the Vegas area. Unlike the ongoing “James Bond” debate, this new TV show is actually adamant about their search for a female “John Wick” counterpart.

Anyway, back to the synopsis. Ultimately, this unnamed local ends up offering her set of street-smart skills to the agency, though she doesn’t exactly do everything “by the book.” The show explores the intricacies of spy-craft and promises the thrills that come along with that.

Derek Kolstad Talks Screenwriting and Creating the ‘Ultra Violent’ ‘John Wick’ Universe

As the creator of the “ultra-violent” “John Wick” universe, Derek Kolstad had a lot of pressure on his shoulders when it came to the screenwriting process. In the past, Kolstad took part in an interview to lay out his methods and how he got his writing to come across on screen.

Apparently, Kolstad’s love for movies started very early and he remembers being blown away by the now-classics of “The Godfather” and “RoboCop.” He grew up in Madison, Wisconsin with a very “red, very conservative” family who always supported him.

Although he studied business in college, Kolstad says he never stopped writing. And despite the press often calling his entertainment career an “overnight success,” he says it actually took him almost two decades to get anywhere in the field.

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