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Johnny Cash’s Estate Shares Classic Throwback Pic of Late Icon for Thanksgiving

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Getty Images)

In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, Johnny Cash’s estate shared a throwback family photo. The picture shows the family gathered around the table before the holiday meal. Cash is seated at the head of the table with his daughter on his knee.

For all the legends surrounding Cash, it is sometimes hard to remember that above everything else, he was a loving father and husband.

Johnny Cash’s Thanksgiving Prayer

A video on YouTube shows an obscure Johnny Cash performance in which he recites a poetic prayer of thanks for all that he has. The prayer is from the perspective of a farmer whose family has experienced a lean year. Despite the hardships, though, the narrator remains thankful. Cash’s instantly recognizable voice and solemn tone help to drive home the message.

Not everyone will be able to identify with a poor farmer’s plight. There are, however, some lines in the poem that could have been written in the current time.

“Thank you for this country, Lord. Though we have trouble and pain, with your help, we can get back to where the road is smooth again.” It sounds like something that could be said in prayers today.

The real purpose behind the recitation, though, is to remind the listener that there is always something to be thankful for. This holds true even in hard times. This is a reminder that many may need to hear this holiday season.

Another Thanksgiving-inspired song can be found on the album “Johnny Cash- Unsurpassed American Masters” called “Thanksgiving Prayer” of “I’m Thanking the Lord He Made You”. While this is more of a love song, the theme of gratitude is still front and center.

Another Reason to be Thankful

Johnny Cash’s estate announced earlier this week that a new live album was recently released. The album “Johnny Cash and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” is precisely what it sounds like. The Man in Black with orchestral accompaniment. If nothing else, we can be thankful for more music from one of country music’s biggest names.