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Johnny Cash’s Son John Carter Shares Intense Camouflage Photo From Duck Hunt

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Johnny Cash’s Son, John Carter Cash shares a photo that his son took of him while they duck hunted together.

Despite the fact that Johnny Cash wasn’t an avid hunter, his son John Carter Cash and grandson Joseph Cash developed a passion for the sport. During a recent duck hunt in Dyersburg, Tennessee, Joseph snapped a few photos of himself, father, and other family members. Both John and Joseph shared the photos on Instagram.

Along with a photo of himself that Joseph took, John wrote “#camoflauge #posedvsreality” He then credited his son for the photo, “photo by @josephcash”

Joseph added multiple other photos to his account. Along with the photos he wrote, “in search of duck.”

Johnny Cash Went Moose Hunting In 1961

Johnny Cash is known for many things. However, hunting was never really one of them. At least, that’s the case for most people. But there’s one man who definitely remembers The Man In Black as “a real good hunter.” Heman Whalen, 88, served as Cash’s guide when he went moose hunting in Newfoundland in October 1961. During an interview, Whalen shared details about his hunting trip with Cash.

“Everyone thinks of Johnny Cash as sort of being a tremendous entertainer and a musician,” said Whalen. “However, I saw Johnny Cash as a real good hunter.”

It didn’t take long for Whalen and Cash to bond – as you do with hunting partners. Whalen said that he met Cash, they two introduced themselves “and from then on I would say we were the best of friends.” Whalen continued, “We went on to the cabin …We got in and settled away, had a meal. Then of course the guitars [were] out.”

As Cash’s guide, Whalen was hopeful that Cash would get a moose. Luckily, 20 minutes after leaving camp, Cash had his first deer.

“I was very anxious to see Johnny Cash get his moose first,” Whalen said. “Once he got it, it took a little bit of a burden off my shoulders. I found out later that he was quite happy to get the much smaller moose, cause he was looking for the perfect meat. He wanted good eating meat, which is what he got,” said Whalen.

Although Cash turned out to be a great hunter, Whalen couldn’t say the same for his field dressing skills.

“Generally, if I’m alone it would take me 10 minutes to field dress a moose,” said Whalen. “It probably took Johnny Cash an hour.”

You can’t be great at everything, Johnny Cash!