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Jon Bon Jovi Forced To Cancel Miami Beach Concert

by Kati Michelle
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Well, you read the headline. Unfortunately, the list of bands and tours affected by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow as much as Jon Bon Jovi’s hair did back in the day. The nuisance already got its grubby little hands on the likes of the Zac Brown Band, KISS, and Slipknot. Now, Jon Bon Jovi finds himself as the latest addition to that list. Out of concern for his fans and crew, the rocker’s Corona-positive status forced him to cancel his Miami Beach concert. Details on that are below.

A Tour Rep Says the Rocker ‘Feels Good’ Despite the Miami Show’s Cancellation and His Positive Test Result

Jon Bon Jovi was set to perform at the Loews South Beach in Miami Beach on Saturday night. That all changed just moments before taking the stage, though. As part of the tour’s protocol, the full crew underwent rapid tests to detect COVID-19. Unfortunately, Bon Jovi’s rapid test came back with a positive result.

Instead of the legendary rocker taking the stage, Bon Jovi’s brother went on to address the audience. He revealed the positive test result and told the audience that, unfortunately, the show could not go on. So, with a “heart like the open highway,” Bon Jovi made his exit in a flashy Maserati.

A rep for the almost-60-year-old said he was fully vaccinated, though their comment did not address whether or not he had received a booster shot. The rep also commented on Bon Jovi’s current state, saying he “feels good.” Here he is exiting the venue in style:

Jon Bon Jovi Shows Off His Tour’s Impressive Guitar Collection

Earlier in the week, Jon Bon Jovi shared this tweet, showing off his tour’s impressive guitar collection. He teases fans by asking the following question: “Can you guess how long it takes to tune all of these?”

The video features a ridiculous amount of gear. From acoustic guitars to electric ones and pedals to boot, there’s a lot going on here. But fans might be interested to learn that playing the guitar didn’t actually come naturally to the star.

He recounts the learning process with TODAY’s Willie Geist in a past interview. Bon Jovi says his neighbor actually gave him lessons on the acoustic guitar during his teens. And apparently, Bon Jovi wasn’t the best student either. He tells Willie Geist: “Initially, I didn’t do very well.”

Decades later, though, and Jon Bon Jovi is a highly decorated musician with his group. They’ve received a handful of domestic and international awards, including a Grammy.