Josh Brolin Marks 8 Years of Sobriety With Powerful Note

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Josh Brolin is at peace. In 2013, the Thanos actor admits he was living in “a hamster wheel,” miserable, and ruining his life with drugs and alcohol. Eight years later, he’s happier — and more thankful — than he’s ever been.

Brolin thanked God, his family, and friends for helping him stay clean since leaving rehab eight years ago. He commemorated the moment with a beautiful note on Instagram where he explains what sobriety means to him now.

“Sobriety is a moment of being able to love and be consumed by the glee it brings someone else,” the 53-year-old wrote. “Sobriety is knowing the difference between selfishness and integrity. (It’s) knowing that God is in everything and that it is made up of every color (and mixture of color) that exists.”

Brolin wrote he’s living better for his four children. He has two adult children from a previous marriage and two young daughters with his wife, Kathryn Boyd. He credits them most with helping him stay sober. His youngest daughter will turn one later this year, PEOPLE notes.

“Sobriety is climbing in your truck for a 6 am call after 8 years of sobriety and there being a card from your wife telling you how grateful she is for you having made the decision to put it down and to live instead accompanied by a collage board of your children — what was created because of that decision,” he continued on Instagram.

“Sobriety is about living better than your remembrance of what your greatest drunk ever was — an everyday malleability into gratitude for what is. None of this is deserved. All of it is perception. Thank you God, family, and friends for the most punk rock sobriety imaginable.

Josh Brolin Discusses His ‘Turning Point’

The Oscar-nominated actor grew up in California, the son of actor James Brolin and a wildlife activist. Josh Brolin started using drugs and alcohol early, despite finding success as a teenager in movies like The Goonies, he told The Guardian in 2014.

Continued drinking and using heavy drugs off and on for most of his adult life. In 2013, he lost control, and things unraveled as he fell deeper into old, bad habits, he said. There was a public incident where police arrested him for public intoxication. And his marriage to Diane Lane fell apart. He knew he needed to get help, Brolin explained to the Guardian.

He realized he had deep, unresolved issues that propelled him to use. Brolin, years after getting clean, told the New York Times, that he drank to feel free of those burdens.

“There’s something that happens to me when I drink that all moral code disappears,” he admitted. “So it’s like, if I were to take that drink, after about halfway through, I would start thinking about jumping out that window — not to kill myself, but just because there must be somebody down there to catch me, and I wonder if I can pull it off or if I could land on that van. It just seemed like fun.”