Josh Duggar Arrested in Arkansas: His Sister Jill Reacts

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Handout/ Getty Images)

Josh Duggar’s sister Jill reacts to the news after her brother had been arrested in Arkansas recently. 

On Thursday, the oldest child on the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting was arrested by federal agents in Arkansas. 

The United States Marshal’s office was able to confirm the arrest to Fox News, with the assistance of multiple agencies. However, they could not provide specific details regarding the case. Josh Duggar is currently being held without bail in Washington County, Arkansas.

In November of 2019, the car dealership, which employed Josh Duggar, was raided by Homeland Security. KNWA reports that this was due to an ongoing investigation into the company. Josh Duggar and the dealership both denied having any knowledge of any situation.

It is currently unknown whether these incidents are related. 

Josh Duggar’s Sister Jill Reacts

Josh Duggar’s sister Jill Dillard reacted to the news. In an interview with Yahoo, she said, “We just learned this information. It is very sad.” 

Jill notes that the local sheriff’s department is holding Josh for “another department.”

According to Meaww, Jill was one of four sisters identified as being molested by her older brother. The news broke in May of 2015 but allegedly happened “over a decade” earlier. 

Josh Duggar resigned from his job at The Family Research Council after word spread of the assault. 

“In good faith, I cannot allow the Family Research Council to be impacted by mistakes I made as a teenager,” he said in a statement at the time. “I will continue to pray for the advancements of the causes we believe in. I hope that in the days ahead, you will pray for me and Anna as we seek God to discover the next chapter of our lives in His service.” 

Other victims include a family babysitter. Josh was also sued once for the battery of an exotic dancer. 

CBS 5 News reports that Josh Duggar will appear in federal count on Friday morning. The 33-year-old is facing two charges that were not read allowed at trial at his attorney’s request. 

Furthermore, Duggar’s attorneys noted that their client would plead ‘not guilty’ to both the charges. He has a hearing set for May 5, although his trial begins on July 6. 

Anna Duggar Speaks Out

Josh’s wife, Anna, announced in a recent Instagram post that the couple is expecting their seventh child. When social media users started to question how the family managed to support their large family, the loyal wife said, “my husband is a diligent worker and provides well for our family.”

Anna and Josh Duggar have also been through their fair share of issues. Word leaked around 2019 that Josh had been cheating on Anna through the website Ashley Madison.