Joy Behar Clashes with Meghan McCain in Video: ‘I Did Not Miss You’

by Emily Morgan

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar are yet again entangled in an argument after Tuesday’s episode of “The View.”

The cast members discussed the polarization within the Republican and Democratic parties during the show, which soon resulted in conflict between Behar and McCain.

The disagreement prompted Behar to tell McCain she did not miss her during her recent maternity leave.

“I did not miss you,” Behar told the McCain, the daughter of the late Senator John McCain.

Hurt by the remark, McCain took a stab back and replied, “That’s so nasty.”

On Tuesday, McCain returned to the daytime television show after a three-month maternity leave to give birth to her daughter, Liberty Sage. Despite the time apart, McCain’s absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder for Behar, considering it didn’t take long for a heated debate to ensue.

The fiery exchange started after Behar spoke about what she believed was an inner divide within the Republican party, commenting that members of the GOP “are in much more trouble right now.”

It didn’t take long for Meghan McCain to interject with her two cents. She then proceeded to point out public clashes between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Bernie Sanders and President-elect Joe Biden within the Democratic party.

“Excuse me, I’m not done,” Behar fired back, as McCain argued that her co-host’s opinion was “completely inaccurate.”

“You missed me so much, Joy,” McCain then teased. “You missed me so much when I was on maternity leave.

“I did not,” she earnestly told McCain. “I did not miss you. Zero.”

Despite co-host Whoopi Goldberg’s failed attempts to end the debate by moving on to the next topic, McCain kept firing back at Behar.

“That’s so nasty,” McCain said as she rolled her eyes. “That’s so rude.”

Meghan McCain Returns To Show After Welcoming Baby Girl

McCain welcomed baby Liberty with her husband Ben Domenech, this past September.

In 2017 the couple tied the knot after a four-month-long engagement. In a post shared on social media, McCain reflected on her newfound joy of motherhood and included a photo of a new gold ‘Mama’ necklace.

“Motherhood is euphoria. All of the cliches have come true and exceeded well beyond my wildest expectations ~ it is hands down the best thing I have ever done in my entire life and I am completely in awe of our daughter. Having Liberty is like observing my entire heart live and exist outside of my body. She is a little wildcat ~ beautiful, strong, alert, already so full life and spirit… I only wish I had done this sooner.”

She also said her daughter’s birth helped heal the hole in her heart left by her father’s death.

“This is the first time since my Dad passed that the part of my heart that broke off and left with him no longer feels missing,” she wrote.