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Judge Judy’s Granddaughter, Sarah Rose, Reveals the ‘Strong’ Lessons from Her ‘Nana’

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Alliance for Women in Media Foundation/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media Foundation)

Judge Judy’s granddaughter is on her “Judy Justice” show, and the woman said she’s learned “strong” lessons from her “Nana.”

People Magazine reported that Rose talked about them in an open letter, which Good Housekeeping magazine published on Thursday. Check out the letter from Good Housekeeping here.

Judge Judy Sheindlin’s new show is on IMDb TV after a 25-year-run in syndication. The 79-year-old Sheindlin, a four-time Emmy Award winner, brought Rose on the new show. The show broadcasts every weekday after premiering earlier this month.

Rose Has High Praise For ‘Nana’ Judy

Rose talked about her grandmother’s “support and guidance” in the letter. She said Sheindlin’s support has helped her take risks and enjoy life “in a way very few have the chance to experience.”

In the next part of the letter, Rose came back to their family, thanking her for creating “a strong safety net for our entire family.” Rose acknowledged Sheindlin’s support of her family through thick and thin.

Rose wished the public could see how the whole family came together and share their experiences and successes made possible by Sheindlin’s hard work and dedication.

Sheindlin has high words of praise for Rose, too.

In the first trailer for the “Justice Judy” show, Sheindlin explained Rose’s law clerk role. She also described her granddaughter as “wired like I am” and “a little snarky.”

Rose, Judge Judy Together For Winters At Lake House

The law clerk expounded on her family’s bonding at the lake house made possible by Sheindlin. 

 “You’ve always told me, ‘If you set the table, they will come.’ You have set the family table for decades, and we all continue to gather there,” Rose said.

Rose added that she’s “seen firsthand how amazing it can be when there is a strong matriarch leading the way.”

She concluded the letter by expressing her constant and growing love for her ‘Nana.’ Rose said she was happy to be a part of more lessons from her grandmother.

To Rose, Sheindlin iss “the light of my life” and thanked her for her “advice and direction” in becoming a “strong, independent woman.”  

New ‘Judy’ Show ‘Exciting’

After 25 “Judge Judy” years, Sheindlin said it felt good to “leave on top.”

The judge told People Magazine that Amazon had confidence in her work and style to work on a new show.

Sheindlin said she was excited about the new show. The company wanted her to do a “fresh version with new people.”

Big Bucks For Judge Judy

According to Business Insider, Sheindlin’s old show was not without its problems. The news website said Sheindlin worked 52 days a year and earned $47 million at CBS.

Sheindlin had issues with the money and ended up with Amazon for nearly $25 million for 120 episodes with the new show.

The website said the Amazon deal was reportedly the largest-ever first-season order of a single show by a streamer.