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Judge Judy’s New Courtroom Show Finally Has a Premiere Date

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Gregg DeGuire/Getty Images)

Given her fiery and spunky personality, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Judge Judy has no plans to stop working. After ending her long-running series, the 78-year-old celebrity is returning to the courtroom.

According to Variety, Judy Sheindlin is doing so with the new streaming series, “Judy Justice.” It will appear on IMDb TV, which is owned by Amazon. The first episode of this new show will debut on Nov. 1. Episodes will be released every weekday. Also, there are expected to be 120 episodes in the first season.

Fans of Judge Judy can also expect some of the same elements from her previous syndicated show to appear in the new series.

Helping Sheindlin create the new streaming show is Randy Douthit and Amy Freisleben. They both worked with the feisty judge on her original series. Douthit will serve as the executive producer and director of “Judy Justice.” Freisleben is a co-executive producer. Unsurprisingly, Sheindlin is happy to have these familiar faces join her for the IMDb TV series.

“I am probably the luckiest on-air personality in the history of television to have had Randy Douthit and Amy Freisleben shepherd my program for over two decades. They continuously make me look good. With ‘Judy Justice’ on IMDb TV, the magic continues,” Judge Judy said in a statement about the show.

New Faces Joining Judge Judy for Streaming Series

While familiar faces are joining Judge Judy behind the camera on “Judy Justice,” there will be new faces in front of the camera.

One of these new faces is Kevin Rasco. He is a retired probation officer and entrepreneur from Los Angeles. He will be her bailiff. Another new face is Whitney Kumar. She will be Judge Judy’s court stenographer in “Judy Justice.” Also, Kumar comes to the show as a board-certified court reporter in California.

The other new face is one Sheindlin is very familiar with. This is her granddaughter, Sarah Rose. She is a law clerk in the series. Unsurprisingly, Sheindlin is proud of Rose. She also described her as, “smart, sassy and opinionated. Who knows where she gets those traits?”

“Judy Justice” is part of the IMDb TV plan to build what has been described as “a modern broadcast network.” Her success over the last 25 years on daytime television should help with that, according to Lauren Anderson and Ryan Pirozzi. They are the co-heads of content and programming for IMDb TV.

“Judge Judy Sheindlin has been instrumental in shaping the world of television for over 25 years, and she has been a weekday staple for advice, entertainment, and the best one-liners in the business,” they also said.

Her success has also made Sheindlin very wealthy. She reportedly made $50 million each year thanks to her syndicated talk show. She also reportedly made $99 million in 2017 on the sale of “Judge Judy” episodes to CBS.