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Judge Judy’s ‘Sassy’ Granddaughter Pens Heartfelt Letter to Her

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Bob Riha, Jr./Getty Images)

Though Judge Judy’s (real name Judy Sheindlin) regular show has come to a conclusion after 25 years, a new one is on the horizon called Judy Justice. After scoring a role on it, her granddaughter, Sarah Rose Levy, penned a heartfelt letter to her, thanking her for everything.

Good Housekeeping published the letter in their December 2021 issue. The letter came after securing a new position as Sheindlin’s new law clerk. “From the moment I was born, I knew we would have something special,” Levy begins the letter. “The photos of us from my early years show a connection most people have only after knowing and loving each other for years.”

Levy goes on to talk about how Judge Judy’s guidance allowed Levy to take the risks she wanted due to the safety net Sheindlin’s success created. She then laments the public doesn’t often see that caring side of her. “That is one part of our life together that I wish the public got to see: the pure joy you get when the whole family comes together and shares life experiences and stories that have been made possible by your hard work and dedication.”

Further, Sheindlin served as the strong matriarch their family needed. Levy noted some of her favorite memories in the letter too, such as their extended family all going to a lake house together occasionally on weekends.

Finishing the letter off, Levy discloses her admiration, love, and respect for Judge Judy. “With your advice and direction, I have all the tools I need to be a strong, independent woman. I am so lucky to have you as my biggest cheerleader and supporter — and very best friend.”

Judge Judy Talks About Her Show Ending After 25 Years

Airing for a quarter of a century, Judge Judy’s show concluding was the ending of an era. Though the star says she and the network “had a nice marriage,” it ended bitterly.

Talking to PEOPLE about her new show, as well as the old one, Judge Judy detailed the original show’s origins and how it ended. After a 1993 60 Minutes segment snagged the attention of a CBS production company, she landed her own show in 1996. While the deal was mutually beneficial for some time, the partnership went south after she felt CBS “disrespected” her.

Sheindlin created a spinoff called Hot Bench in 2014. Earlier this year, CBS “bumped” the series from several major markets and focused more on The Drew Barrymore Show, the Wall Street Journal stated. Feeling snubbed and dissatisfied, she decided to take her ideas (and herself) to another network.

Now, she has a new show, Judy Justice, which launched on IMDb TV, Amazon’s free premium streaming service.