‘Judy Judge’ Scheindlin Takes Shot at CBS as Day Time Show Comes to an End: ‘You Disrespected My Creation’

by Will Shepard

Judge Judy Sheindlin has fired back at CBS for putting her second court show on a different channel. Recently, the network chose to air the daytime talk show, the Drew Barrymore Show, instead of Judy’s. After hearing about this, she said that the network will end up regretting this move.

The highly regarded judge spoke to the Wall Street Journal recently about her incredible run on television. She hosted her show for 25 years. According to Fox News, the show became the “top first-run show in all of syndicated TV.” That is an impressive achievement that should garner a ton of respect

Consequently, Judge Judy created a second show called “Hot Bench.” The show had three other judges on it: Tanya Acker, Patricia Dimango, and Michael Corriero. They approach cases in a way that mirrored the famous judge. The three of them tried to emulate Sheindlin’s wit, ripostes, and assertive responses.

However, CBS put this show on what Sheindlin claimed was a secondary channel. She believes that CBS is mismanaging her show. Instead of airing “Hot Bench,” Sheindlin saw the network replace it with the Drew Barrymore Show.

“You disrespected my creation,” Sheindlin said in the interview with the Wall Street Journal. Additionally, it emerged in reports that the courtroom show had an average of 2.3 million viewers. In comparison, Barrymore’s show averaged only 719,000 viewers in its first season.

Judge Judy Is Not Happy With How Her Second Show Is Being Treated by CBS

“You were wrong,” the Judge said in the interview. “Not only in disrespecting my creation, but your gamble in what you put in its place.”

Moreover, this wasn’t the only shot she took at the host network. Judge Judy also noted that her relationship with CBS was “a nice marriage.” But, she added that their separating is “going to be a Bill and Melinda Gates divorce.”

However, CBS has been very complimentary of their star judge. CBS Media Ventures President Steve LoCascio had a lot of praise for Sheindlin.

“We have had an incredibly successful relationship with Judy over the last 25 years,” LoCascio said. “It has been an honor representing her show, and just like there has never been another Oprah, there will never be another Judge Judy.”

Rather than sitting and waiting, the TV star is moving her main show to Amazon’s IMDb TV. She also said that while her contract negotiations were conducted seriously, that wasn’t the case with Jeff Bezos.

Judge Judy said, “Without giving you specifics, because that’s a little unseemly, my compensation has not been a secret. It’s been out there for a long time—not by me, but it got out there and had its own life. So, the folks at Amazon understood what the parameters were. There was no issue.”

Sheindlin reportedly earned $47 million per season.