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‘Justified’ Revival: Here’s Where We Last Left Raylan Givens

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Justified is getting a revival. The show, which followed Deputy Raylan Givens upholding his version of wild west justice. When an incident gets him in trouble, he’s reassigned to the Kentucky district where he grew up. Justified was a widely critically acclaimed show and ran for six seasons.

It’s an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s writing. The American novelist passed away in 2013.

The show ended in 2015 and had a wild twist ending that saw our hero head out to new pastures. So, before it comes back, here’s where we last left Raylan Givens and his family.

Shockingly, the series ended on a positive note, seeing all of the fan-favorite characters getting out of Harlan, Raylan included. We find Raylan moving to Florida to be close to his daughter, Willa. This does mean he didn’t end up with Winona.

In a 2015 interview with Variety about the series finale, Creator Graham Yost talked about where they left Raylan and Winona in the series finale and said that Raylan is probably very happy with his life in Florida.

“He’s always gonna love Winona; Winona’s always going to love him, but as they’ve shown throughout their time, there was no way it was gonna work — that’s just the way it went, and we got to get Jason Gedrick into the show,” he explained.

But now, Justified is coming back. And according to Variety, Timothy Olyphant will return as Raylan Givens. But we don’t exactly know if we’ll see everyone else yet. After all, it doesn’t start out back in Kentucky.

The New ‘Justified’ Revival Will Follow Givens in Florida

The new Justified revival, officially called Justified: City Primeval will follow Raylan Givens in Miami, where he settled after the original series ended. He’s balancing his life as a U.S Marshall and the father of Willa, who’s now 14.

When he winds up in Detroit on a case, he crosses paths with Clement Mansell, a violent desperado. Mansell also comes with an incredibly loyal lawyer, whose determined to protect him at all costs.

Dave Andron and Michael Dinner will be the showrunners, writers, and producers for the series. Justified creator Graham Yost will executive produce alongside Timothy Olyphant.

In a statement about the series, Sony Pictures Television co-presidents Jeff Frost and Jason Clodfelter discussed why they’re particularly excited to bring a critically acclaimed show like Justified back.

“When ‘Justified’ concluded, the love and affection for this exceptional series only grew and left audiences craving more Raylan Givens,” they explained. “The iconic Elmore Leonard was one of the premier authors of our time and no one has quite captured his tone and authenticity as well as this Justified team. We look forward to experiencing the magic again of Tim, Graham, Dave, Michael and our preeminent executive producer team.”