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‘Justified’: TV Shows You Should Watch That Are Similar to the Western

by Victoria Santiago
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

If you’re excited for the revival of Justified, one of the best neo-Westerns to do it, we’ve got a list of shows that are almost as good. It’ll be a little while before we get the chance to see Timothy Olyphant play as our favorite U.S. Marshal, Raylan Givens. Until then, Outsiders, these similar Western shows should keep you occupied.

Dive Into Taylor Sheridan’s World – It’s A Modern Western Fantasy

First on the list is Yellowstone. Chances are that you’re already watching this work of art from Taylor Sheridan. If you’re not, this is your sign to start. You’ll quickly fall in love with the beautiful Montana landscape and the Dutton family. Yellowstone follows the Dutton family – John, Jamie, Kayce, and Beth – as they try to save their family ranch. Along the way, they make enemies on all sides.

This Western isn’t as fast-paced as Justified, but it’s a good watch regardless. There are some similarities between the two Westerns. They both have creative, captivating villains. Along with that, most of the characters are looking out for themselves, so morality walks a fine line. If you like Yellowstone, there’s also a spinoff called 1883.

‘Hell on Wheels’ Will Keep You On the Edge of Your Seat

We love Justified for many reasons – but Raylan Givens’ ability with a gun is a big one. Hell on Wheels has a main character that might put the U.S. Marshal to shame. Cullen Bohannon, a former Confederate soldier, is the main character of this Western. We see him find work on the Union Pacific railroad after the Civil War.

This show ties in all of the good parts of a Western. We see Bohannon try to cope with his past, while also dealing with corrupt railroad figureheads and other mysterious villains. Best of all, Hell on Wheels serves as a stylized account of real events. It pieces together fiction and real historic happenings. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best modern Westerns that you can watch.

This Show Might’ve ‘Justified’ Timothy Olyphant’s Place in Westerns

Justified is actually not the first Western that Olyphant has ever starred in. Maybe the actor found love for the genre after starring in Deadwood. In this Western, we once again see him play the part of a U.S. Marshal. However, in this show, he’s a little bit more upstanding. Just like Hell on Wheels, this show is based on some real happenings. Olyphant’s character, Seth Bullock, was a real lawman back in the day.

The premise of the show is Bullock trying to reign in all of the criminals in Deadwood, South Dakota. Not only is it beautifully shot, but it keeps the historical injections interesting. Like any good Western, the U.S. Marshal has humble beginnings. As the show progresses, we get to see Olyphant’s character get himself into trouble time and time again.