Kacey Musgraves Joins Troye Sivan for His New Track, ‘Easy’

by Will Shepard
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Country star and heartthrob Kacey Musgraves is teaming up with Australian musician Troye Sivan for a new single. The song is called “Easy” and was released on Thursday, December 10.

Musgraves is a six-time Grammy award winner. Partnering with Sivan for a song that explores a darker side of Nashville, Tennessee. That said though, the duet is beautiful and certainly a hit song.

The music video is equally as beautiful as the song’s lyrics. The video takes on a vintage look from the 1980s as it reflects the nature of the lyrics. Musgraves and Sivan are out at night in a motel in Nashville.

The two embark on a nighttime adventure through the city. The two singers visit a couple of bars during their venture through the dark of Nashville.

During the video, the singers walk into a hoedown to experience what is happening. Sivan watches people dance around the place while he sits in a bright red sweatshirt. Meanwhile, Musgraves, who has a new hairstyle, dances like the other women at the dimly lit bar in a short dress.

Musgraves and Sivan Singing Together

Towards the end of the video, the two singers meet up on a street before they head back to the motel. There, Musgraves and Sivan load up into a pickup truck and drive off into the night.

The song is somber. Sivan begins by singing, “You ran away to find something to say, I went astray to make it okay, and he made it easy, darlin’…”

To be sure, Sivan and Musgraves take turns singing the verses. Musgraves enters on the second verse. “I’m not a saint, so just give me the blame. We knew what was under the surface and lived like it wouldn’t hurt us.”

Together, they sing the chorus. “This house is on fire/Burning the tears right out my face, what the hell did we do? Tell me we’ll make it through.”

Not long ago, Musgraves was nominated for CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year award.