Kaitlyn Dever Shows Off Her All-White Look for New Show ‘Dopesick’

by Samantha Whidden

Former Last Man Standing star Kaitlyn Dever took to Instagram account to share a little sneak peek of her upcoming new Hulu series Dopesick.

“TCA’s at home look, for @dopesickonhulu x,” Kaitlyn Dever writes in the post caption, which includes a snapshot of her looking stunning in an all-white outfit while on the set of her new show. 

According to its IMDb, Dopesick takes viewers to the “epicenter” of the U.S.’s struggle with opioid addiction. Starring alongside Dever is Michael Keaton, Peter Sarsgaard, Rosario Dawson, and Will Poulter. The Hulu series is set to premiere on October 13th. 

Kaitlyn Dever Opens Up About Her Acting Career 

In a recent interview with InStyle, Kaitlyn Dever opens up bout her acting career and how it has changed over the years. “I never wanted to define myself and I don’t think I’ll ever want to,” Dever explains. She also reveals how she “caught the bug” of performing when she was a child. 

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been able to take part in projects where people can really see themselves the character I’m playing, or in the movie in general,” Kaitlyn Dever states. “That’s been really gratifying. I always go for things that I really love and care about.”

She also shares more details about her role in Unbelievable, the 2019 miniseries about a young woman accused of lying about being raped. “I had such an emotional connection to Marie [Adler] since reading her story,” Kaitlyn Dever says. She explains that she felt a sense of responsibility to give the film her best effort because Marie deserves that. 

“I really stayed in [character] for three to four months,” Kaitlyn then recalls. “I’m not a method actor, so I didn’t mean to do that. I don’t know if I had control over it. But what I was feeling was nothing compared to what she felt.”

Kaitlyn Dever Reveals How Songwriting to Her is a Great Way to Express Feelings 

Also during her interview with InStyle, Kaitlyn Dever talks about how songwriting has helped her express her feelings. “You can use your emotions with a character you’re playing, but sometimes that doesn’t line up,” Dever says. 

“If you’re doing a comedy, but you’re personally dealing with something else, you’re not able to put that anywhere. It’s nice to be able to write it out,” Dever proclaims. She then adds that it’s exciting for her that she can finally get what she’s thinking into concise words. “Like, ‘Oh, this is exactly what I’m trying to say here.’”

Kaitlyn is notably preparing to release new music with Beulahbelle, which is the band that she started with her sister, Mady.