Kane Brown Jokes About Looking Like ‘Such a Baby’ Walking His First Red Carpet

by Atlanta Northcutt

Kane Brown, 27, is looking back at photos of him on his first red carpet, tweeting “I was such a baby.”

Awkward photos of our younger selves are already cringe-worthy enough. Imagine having those embarrassing photos spread all over social media. When you’re in the spotlight, the best and worst images of you are shown, and country music singer Kane Brown is no different.

Kane Brown is Feeling “old af”

In his tweet, Kane says, “Man I just saw a video of when I walked my first red carpet. I was such a baby… I feel old af”.

27 isn’t exactly “old,” but compared to when he walked his first red carpet several years ago, many things have changed.

Although Brown was only in his early 20’s when he stepped into the spotlight, the past few years have included marriage, fatherhood, fame, several hit songs and an abundance of awards and nominations.


Raising Kane

Brown made his major breakthrough onto the music scene in 2013 while on the TV show “The X Factor,” giving him the platform he needed to have his talents recognized. Previous to the television show, he gained millions of views by covering songs on YouTube and Facebook.

His first single was “Used to Love You Sober.” With his next song, “What Ifs,” Brown skyrocketed to success. The song made him the first artist ever to lead all five Billboard Country music charts simultaneously.

At the 2018 AMA’s, Brown was the first artist to be the most awarded country star without previously winning an AMA.

Today, he is best-known as the country music singer behind “What Ifs” and making award show history.

Fatherhood and fame

In October 2018, Brown married Katelyn Jae. The couple are the parents of one-year-old daughter Kingsley Rose, who celebrated her birthday in October.

Kane is hoping to continue growing as he has set tour dates for 2021.