Kate Beckinsale Rushed to Las Vegas Hospital: Report

by Evan Reier
Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

Kate Beckinsale is reportedly in a local hospital in Las Vegas after being rushed to the facility via ambulance on Friday morning.

According to TMZ, the renowned actress was taken to the hospital around 10:30 a.m. local time. Further, Kate Beckinsale was suffering sincere pain after her back gave out. The outlet states that the injury and pain was bad enough that she needed an ambulance and immediate care. Beckinsale was staying at The Signature at MGM Grand before being heading to the hospital.

Beckinsale is currently in Las Vegas to shoot her newest film, “Prisoner’s Daughter.” She had even posted on Instagram just the day prior, sharing a look at an extravagant outfit on Thursday.

The actress also captioned the photo with “Oops” and hashtagged Vegas.

Per TMZ, Beckinsale is still in the ER at the time of the initial report. Additionally, they state that her condition is currently “unclear,” as the situation is still developing.

Kate Beckinsale Continues a Prolific Career

Beckinsale may be one of the most recognizable actresses of the modern era. The 48-year-old has a wide range of work, from her early acting roles in the 1990s to her franchise duties as Selene in Underworld.

Between films like 1996’s Emma and the Total Recall remake in 2012, Beckinsale also made waves in Pearl Harbor as well as Serendipity. That’s not forgetting 2004’s Oscar-favorite The Aviator or 2006’s rom-com classic Click with Adam Sandler.

Prisoner’s Daughter is still in the early days of production, but what we do know is that it features Tyler Ritter and Brian Cox alongside Kate Beckinsale.

In the film, Beckinsale is set to play the titular daughter mentioned in the title. Brian Cox, who’s also had a prolific career but most recently stunned fans with his fantastic role in Succession will be portraying her father.

And if you’re not familiar with Tyler Ritter, his name may seem familiar. Besides guest appearances on countless shows like NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy, he is also the son of comedy legend John Ritter. As for where Tyler Ritter comes in the film, he will play the ex-husband of Beckinsale’s character.

IMDB’s description for the film also gives a little info.

“A father fights for the love of his daughter and grandson, after serving twelve years in prison.”

Beckinsale’s Daughter, Lily

One of Kate Beckinsale’s first prominent relationships in Hollywood was with Michael Sheen, who she was in a relationship with for 8 years. In 1999, the pair had a daughter, Lily. Lily means a ton to Beckinsale, who always focused on raising her daughter over her career.

In a new interview with rollacoaster.tv, the actress described how her daughter’s presence affected her approach. While some may think think that missing out on young Hollywood life isn’t ideal, Beckinsale calls Lily a blessing.

“So in a way I suppose, yes, I missed out on having a wild social life in my twenties and thirties,” Beckinsale said. “But actually, I think I really got lucky in terms of having Lily as a kind of shield, so that I was just focused on my work. People would ask me, ‘what’s the LA scene like?’ and I’d say, ‘I have absolutely no idea.’

We here at Outsider wish Beckinsale a speedy recovery as she deals with her back issues.