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Katey Sagal Calls Out ‘Completely Shocking’ Cancellation of Her Show ‘Rebel’ After 5 Episodes

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by BG026/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Actress Katey Sagal has been around the show business world for a long time, but seeing her show Rebel canceled after 5 episodes stunned her.

Sagal, who first gained TV recognition as Peg Bundy on Fox’s sitcom Married with Children, saw her new show get the ax from ABC. Rebel was inspired by the life and work of Erin Brockovich, according to an article from Entertainment Tonight.

But forgive Katey Sagal if she’s not totally over the quick hook ABC gave her new show.

Rebel‘s cancellation was “completely shocking,” Sagal says, adding that they didn’t get a warning from the network.

Katey Sagal Said ‘There Was Nothing’ From ABC Before Cancellation

“No, there was nothing,” Sagal said. “I mean, it’s not completely shocking to me because I’ve done this for a very long time, so I understand that decisions are made behind the scenes that I will never be totally privy to.”

Katey Sagal isn’t clear on what the reasoning behind ending Rebel by the network was all about.

“For whatever reason, coupled with the fact that we aired not at the regular television time, we aired later,” she said. “I think it was when the world started to open up, maybe people weren’t watching television as much.

“And for whatever reason, that decision was made,” Sagal said. “But we were as a cast really surprised. We thought that for sure this was gonna continue on to a second season.”

Actress Still Has Role On ABC Sitcom ‘The Conners’ To Play

For a time, there was some concern around whether or not Katey Sagal would return to play her role on the ABC sitcom The Conners.

Sagal plans on joining the Conner family for as long as they’ll and the show producers will have her. She said while Rebel was still around that she wouldn’t foresee a conflict between the show and her now-canceled drama.

“I’ve actually been doing The Conners while I’ve been doing Rebel and it’s in my contract because I’m hoping to continue doing The Conners,” Sagal told AP Entertainment in an interview before Rebel was canceled. “I love that over there. You know, I can’t do the whole season, but I can do what I did last season, which was I think 10 episodes.”

Sagal plans to stay on in a recurring capacity on The Conners rather than step into a starring role. But Sagal said she hopes to stay with the show long-term.

“Yes, that’s in my contract that I can stay there if they want me,” she said. “Actually, the last episode I did, kind of extends my stay. So, I’m hoping that I get to stay. In a perfect world, both shows continue and I’m super, super busy.” But her world didn’t turn out perfect with Rebel.