Kathie Lee Gifford Slams Cancel Culture

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

While promoting her new good The Jesus I Know, former Regis and Kathie Lee co-host Kathie Lee Gifford revealed her thoughts about the controversy surrounding cancel culture.  

During a recent interview with Fox News, Gifford spoke about why releasing her new book now is a good time. “I wanted to talk to people who were very different from me,” Gifford explained. “But who were willing to share what they think about Jesus and what faith means to them. It’s uplifting. And It think it’s a good time, especially because of the cancel culture we live in.”

Kathie Lee Gifford also describes cancel culture as a cancer. “It’s evil and it’s nothing Jesus would ever do. Jesus would never cancel someone. I certainly don’t want to be that person who cancels someone because they don’t look like me or believe in the same things that I do.”

Gifford then declared that our society shouldn’t dismiss someone and treat them as if they have no value. She also believes it’s a. Challenge for everyone in society to look at people who are different and understand them better. “I want people to take a good look at themselves each day and ask, ‘Lord, am I doing the thing right? Does this honor God?’ And if it does, do it.”

The former co-host goes on to admit that she has never encountered anyone who doesn’t want to discuss faith with her. She said even the most “hardcore” atheist was fascinated by God. “A non-believer told me, ‘I don’t believe in Him, but if the whole world lived their lives the way He told us to live, the world would be in a completely different place.’”

Kathie Lee Gifford Opens Up About Her Faith Conversations With Her Late Co-Host Regis Philbin

Also during her interview with Fox News, Gifford spoke about her faith discussions with her late co-host, Regis Philbin. “I remembered after Regis passed, I went to see his widow Joy and her daughters. As I was leaving, she looked at me and said, ‘Kathie, are you sure Regis believed? Are you sure he’s in heaven with Jesus?’ I said, ‘Absolutely, Joy.’”

Gifford also declared that she spoke with Philbin about God numerous times and she stated he was a believer. “He believed Jesus was his personal savior. That’s as simple as that. He believed.” 

When asked what kind of advice she would give to someone who was to believe there’s a God, but is facing challenges with believing, Gifford reassured that a lot of people feel that way. She further explained that God is watching everyone and calls upon everyone differently. “It’s part of our journey. I would say keep your heart open.”