Katie Couric Relives On-Air Moment of Learning About 9/11 in Emotional Video: ‘I’ll Never Forget’

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (September 10th) American television and online journalist Katie Couric took to her Instagram to relive her on-air moment of learning about the September 11th attacks.

At the time of the terrorist attacks, Katie Couric was the co-host of Today with Matt Lauer. The video she shared with the post shows the reactions that both co-hosts had at the time.

“I’ll never forget hearing Jennifer Oberstein’s voice on September 11th, 2001,” Couric shares in the post. “We were live on Today and had just received word that a plane had crashed into one of the Twin Towers.”

Katie Couric then said she and Lauer had no idea what was happening and assumed it was just an accident. “Jennifer proceeded to give us a play-by-play of what she said live on the air. And we were on the phone with her when she watched the second plane crash into the second tower.”

Katie Couric Takes a Look Back at Her Interview with Jennifer Oberstein on September 11th

Also on Friday, Katie Couric shared the interview she conducted with Oberstein, who saw everything that happened that day in person.

“On the morning of September 11, 2001, I took the subway from the Upper East Side and emerged at the Bowling Green station on the edge of Battery Park,” she tells Katie Couric. Oberstein also said that it was approximately 8:45 a.m. and a “picture-perfect” day. 

Oberstein also recalled that the sky was so blue that she found herself looking and admiring the World Trade Center Twin Towers, which were 10 blocks north of where she was actually standing.

“Suddenly, there was an enormous ball of fire near the top of the North Tower. Something was wrong. From my angle, it looked like a fiery explosion had originated from remarkably high up on the Tower.”

She then took out her cellphone and called her father’s office, which was located in the World Financial Center across the street from the World Trade Center. “I wanted to tell him to leave because it looked like there might have been a bombing. I knew in my gut that something terrible just happened. At approximately 8:49 a.m., I called the main number for NBC News in New York.”

Oberstein also told Katie Couric that while she was on the phone with her and Lauer, she felt the earth shake below her and heard a loud buzzing noise.

“I looked up and saw the silver belly of a large plane directly over my head. Not low enough to touch, but closer to my head than I could ever imagine.” 

Oberstein then adds that her call with Couric and Lauer ended with her staring at the hole in the South Tower. “These plane crashes were deliberate. I felt like I was part of an ‘end of days’ movie. Only much later that day did I learn the plane that flew over my head was United Airlines Flight 175. And [it was] filled with innocent people.”