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Keanu Reeves Chooses Love Over Fame, Fortune in Latest Interview

by TK Sanders

Keanu Reeves is a superstar actor with the freedom to chase any bliss he chooses, but according to him, he’s most happy living a simple life.

In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, the John Wick actor, 58, spoke candidly about his “last moment of bliss,” and it had nothing to do with fame or fortune.

“A couple of days ago with my honey,” the actor says of his partner, artist Alexandra Grant, 49. “We were in bed, we were connected. We were smiling and laughing and giggling. Feeling great. It was just really nice to be together.”

The interview, which more highlighted Reeves’ personal life than professional life, also included a number of other “last time” questions, like “last time I danced.”

Last time I danced: “At a friend’s wedding about eight months ago. Sometimes I’m the first out there and sometimes I need coaxing. Sometimes it’s the song and sometimes it’s the person. I just go with the feeling.”

Last recurring dream: “I’ve had recurring nightmares, but they’re too scary to describe. It’s always fun to fly in dreams, isn’t it? I’m just glad I have the chance to do it anywhere. It’s quite extraordinary.”

Last game I played: “I’ve been playing some chess. It’s a competitive game. I don’t think you walk to the board and go, ‘I hope I lose.’ If you don’t know how to play, I’m great—yeah, I’m a master. And if you’re really good, I’m terrible.”

Last time I watched the sunrise: “I was recently traveling in Japan and had some wonderful jet lag and got to see the sun rising in Kyoto. Those are always cool. You have to stop, like, ‘Aren’t we glad to be here?'”

Nicolas Cage weighed in on his relationship with Keanu Reeves in a Reddit AMA

In his own Reddit AMA (ask me anything) interview, fellow actor Nicolas Cage recalled another time Reeves “played” — and “kicked his butt” at billiards.

“[Keanu] came up to my house on his motorcycle and he was making these impossible shots,” Cage declared. “He said, ‘Now I dunno if I can get that shot or this shot’ and he made every single shot. He completely dominated me at pool.”

Cage also commented on Reeves’ career as an actor, specifically what Reeves roles he liked.

“Umm, I like some of the early stuff like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” Cage shared. “I thought he was great in River’s Edge. He was just great in that movie, yeah.”

As for Reeves’ current film, John Wick: Chapter 4, the unstoppable action pic served up a huge $73.8 million domestically after pristine reviews and an A CinemaScore from audiences. The results were just as impressive overseas, where the movie debuted to a resounding $67.6 million from 71 markets for a global start of $141.4 million, a series record on all fronts.