Keanu Reeves Says He Would Consider Becoming an American Citizen

by Blake Ells
(Photo by RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Keanu Reeves was born in Lebanon and he grew up in Toronto. He moved to Hollywood when he was 20-years-old. But 37 years later, he is still not an American citizen. During a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, he said that he’d consider making the switch.

“I came to Hollywood when I was 20, drove in my car,” Keanu Reeves said. “I’ve been living here since 1985.”

Keanu Reeves revealed that is still a Canadian citizen. Several audience members cheered. Kimmel then asked if being an American citizen is something he’s not interested in.

“Yeah, man, why not?” he said.

“Well why hasn’t the president called and said, ‘Hey, we’d love to sign you up?'” Kimmel joked.

“I’ll send him some BRZRKR,” Reeves added, referring to his new comic book.

“I do have the paperwork here,” Kimmel said as he pulled some papers from under his desk. “If you want to fill it out, we got it. We even got you a pen [with an American flag design]. It’s very patriotic.”

Kimmel then turns to his sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, who is Mexican-American. Rodriguez assures Keanu Reeves that it’s a good choice.

“Was it hard, Guillermo?” Kimmel asks.

“No, it’s real easy,” he says. “You should do it!”

“Guillermo, you filled out all of this stuff?” Kimmel asks. “This is a lot of stuff to fill out.”

“Yeah, I did, Jimmy,” Rodriguez replies.

Jimmy Kimmel then tells Keanu Reeves that he discussed another option with his wife.

“You can I could get married if you wanted to,” he jokes. “That would get you right in.”

“But you’re married,” Keanu Reeves replies.

“I know, but I told her we might have to make some amendments to our constitution,” Kimmel replies.

Keanu Reeves Considers American Citizenship

Jimmy Kimmel hands him all of the paperwork and tells him to take it home and look over it. He then assures Keanu Reeves that if he decided to apply for American citizenship, he can return and the show will host a formal ceremony to celebrate. Keanu Reeves shakes his hand in agreement.

“We’ll get all your favorite heroes!” Kimmel promises. “Captain America and Wonder Woman will come here. It’ll be very patriotic!”

Kimmel then offers his condolences to the Great White North.

“You would be a welcome addition to this nation,” he says. “And apologies to Canada.”

Keanu Reeves then suggests that he’d be most interested in dual citizenship.

“Two sometimes is better than one,” he says. “It’s better for ice cream.”

Keanu Reeves was on the show to promote his new comic book, which has already sold more than 650,000 copies in its’ first week of release. You can check out the entire conversation in the video below.