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Keanu Reeves Cult Classic Catching Fire on HBO Max

by Josh Lanier
(Photo by Jim Smeal/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Even Keanu Reeve’s misses are becoming hits. The Matrix series dominated streaming services this month ahead of the release of The Matrix: Resurrections. This allowed for several other films from “The Internet’s Boyfriend” to find new audiences. One of his movies that saw a spike in views was The Devil’s Advocate on HBO Max.

The 1997 film follows a small-town lawyer who joins one of New York’s most prestigious law firms headed by Al Pacino. Charlize Theron plays Reeve’s wife, and that’s about all you can say about the movie without spoiling it.

The Devil’s Advocate did well at the box office and got so-so reviews from critics. The set design was immaculate and unique, but Keanu Reeve’s Southern accent wasn’t entirely convincing for some people at the time. But in the intervening years, the movie’s gained cult status. It’s currently in the Top-10 most-streamed movies in 20 different countries this week, according to FlixPatrol. The film is getting big numbers on iTunes as well, where it’s performed well for weeks across the globe.

The movie also has a behind-the-scenes “Isn’t Keanu Reeves the coolest” story. The Devil’s Advocate hinges on its antagonist. The roles required someone with the gravitas to pull off the pivotal role. Producers wanted Al Pacino to play the part, but he was too expensive, ABC News reported. So, cool guy Reeves took a several million dollar pay cut to free up the cash so he could work with one of his acting heroes.

Keanu Reeves May Star in Martin Scorsese Adaptation of Best Seller

The Devil in the White City seems like a dream project. Martin Scorsese is producing the Hulu miniseries based on Erik Larson’s best-selling novel of the same name. Leonardo DiCaprio will reportedly star in the project. And now Deadline says Keanu Reeves is in talks to join the cast.

The story is a classic. More than 700,000 people flocked to Chicago for the 1893 World’s Fair. They came to see the future. And the city tasked architect Daniel H. Burnham to design and build the event. But the bright lights of the world’s fair cast a dark shadow. One that allowed H.H. Holmes, one of America’s most prolific and sadistic serial killers, to operate unimpeded. He even built a hotel to carry out his murders. It had rooms that he could fill with poisonous gas, hallways that went nowhere, and secret passageways that allowed Holmes to sneak in and out of rooms undetected.

“The architect who led the construction of the great Chicago World’s Fair of 1893,” Larson writes on his website. “And the prolific serial killer who used the fair as a lure. Just blocks from the fairgrounds, the killer built a hotel of horrors. It is equipped with an acid vat, dissection table, and crematorium.”

DiCaprio bought the rights for the book in 2010. However, 12 years later, the project remains in the film equivalent of Holmes’ hell hotel. DiCaprio will play the sadistic Holmes. It’s unclear who Keanu Reeves would portray in the miniseries, but it would be the first major television role of his career.