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Keanu Reeves Donated Huge Portion of ‘Matrix’ Salary to Cancer Research

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

Known for his unparalleled kindness, Keanu Reeves’ peers constantly express praise and admiration for him. As it turns out, his benevolence extends to good causes too, with a report saying he donated a huge portion of his Matrix salary to cancer research.

Everyone who works with Keanu Reeves seems to have nothing but respect for him. Besides being a wholesome person in general, LAD Bible recently revealed he often volunteers and donates to respectable causes. One of those causes happens to be cancer research. For example, while filming The Matrix, Reeves donated 70 percent of his salary to search for a cure for leukemia.

This likely resulted from Reeves’ dedication to family. In 1991, Reeves’ younger sister, Kim, received a leukemia diagnosis. She fought it for 10 years before entering remission. Keanu’s dedication to her and his family is so strong, the Matrix sequels saw delays because he wanted to care for Kim. He even sold his house so he could move closer to her.

In the same time frame, he created a charity to support those suffering from cancer. You may not have heard of the foundation because he opted not to attach his name to it. According to him, it’s because he feels it should focus more on helping those who need it as opposed to honing in on his status as a celebrity.

Additionally, Reeves regularly donates money to children’s charities and often takes pay cuts on movies so the cast and crew get paid better. For example, the Matrix sequels had him making significantly less to allocate more money to costumes and special effects workers. He even gifted Harley-Davidson motorcycles to a dozen stuntmen in the first movie to thank them for their hard work.

Keanu Reeves’ Co-Star Says He Is the ‘Most Humble Artist’ Ever

As evidenced by his contributions to cancer research and helping basically everyone, Keanu Reeves remains a humble, modest man. On that note, his The Matrix Resurrections costar Ellen Hollman recently said he is the “most humble artist” ever.

Talking to Looper, Hollman talked about working with Reeves and to the surprise of no one, was beyond impressed. “Keanu Reeves is not someone who desires attention, does not desire the limelight, he does not desire acknowledgment nor does he desire accolades,” Hollman told the outlet. “He is by far the most humble artist that I have ever had the honor of meeting. As a fellow performer, who’s been in the industry for over 20 years, I can say that his heart and his kindness are what have allowed him to become the megastar that he is today.”

She also said he would regularly help on the set, doing things like hiring car services to ferry people or having a food truck come to provide food for everyone.

There’s a reason people call Reeves the “Internet’s boyfriend,” after all.