Keanu Reeves on Explaining ‘The Matrix’ to Teens

by Michael Freeman

In preparation for the upcoming Matrix movie, I’ve been watching the previous films and the first one still blows me away to this day. Apparently, not everyone shares that sentiment though. Funnily enough, Keanu Reeves recently recounted a time he explained The Matrix to teenagers and they didn’t seem too impressed.

In conjunction with The Matrix Resurrections, Epic Games made an interactive experience called The Matrix Awakens. To celebrate the release, Matrix stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss sat down with the studio to talk about a plethora of topics. When the subject of the future came up and how anything could happen, Reeves discussed having dinner with a director who had children. At one point, the director asked him to tell his children what the movie was about, which he did. However, the director’s children were less than impressed with the premise.

“Well there’s this guy who’s in a kind of virtual world,” Reeves told the 13, 15, and 17-year-old teenagers. “And he finds out that there’s a real world, and he’s really questioning what’s real and what’s not real. And he really wants to know what’s real.”

The youngest girl offered a surprising response, asking “Why?” Reeves, thrown off, asked her what she meant. The girl then asked him who cared if it was real, which really got Reeves’ attention. “And I was like, ‘What, you don’t care if it’s real?'” he responded. A simple no was the answer she gave.

In true Keanu Reeves fashion, when the interviewer said that’s a wild mentality to have, Reeves, clearly having fun, said “It’s awesome.”

The girl’s outlook certainly is interesting, but I suppose the subject matter now isn’t as novel as it was back then.

Keanu Reeves Says Who he’d Rather be Between John Wick and Neo

Keanu Reeves’ role as Neo is far from his most badass and impressive. Another franchise people often mention is John Wick, where he plays a former assassin who comes out of retirement. Both roles feature incredible characters and in a recent interview, Reeves said who he’d rather be if given the choice.

Starring on Facebook Watches’ “Red Table Talk,” Reeves appeared with costars Jada Pinkett Smith, Priyanka Chopra, and his partner in crime, Carrie-Anne Moss. At one point, Reeves is asked between his two incredible roles, who would he rather be: Neo or John Wick?

“Lots of ways to go with that,” Reeves responded. “Because we’re here speaking about ‘The Matrix Resurrections,’ [I’d choose Neo] and I don’t think John Wick would mind, I think he’d understand, but I think to be able to be with [Moss’] Trinity and to have that life with them together and see what would happen.”

It’s kind of wholesome Reeves’ response was more tailored to Neo’s romance with Trinity as opposed to, I don’t know, the ability to stop bullets and fly. Reeves thinks John Wick would understand though, saying he would “salute him” for choosing Neo.