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Keanu Reeves Fans Catch Memorable ‘John Wick’ Line in One ‘Matrix’ Movie

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for Lionsgate )

Keanu Reeves is back. Even with “John Wick 4” pushed back a bit, fans of the iconic actor still get to enjoy the Hollywood legend on the big screen in the new “Matrix” movie. After years and years away, Keanu Reeves is back as Neo in the fourth installment that is showing in theaters now. “The Matrix” was a breakout role for Reeves, but “John Wick” was a similar get for the iconic actor.

Both films have spawned multiple films after because they both have been well done and star Keanu Reeves. It’s been a while, but folks might have missed a moment in “The Matrix: Reloaded” that “John Wick” fans are quite familiar with. A villain in the film says the two words, “Good luck” that fans of “John Wick” remember the latter uttering as well.

How Keanu Reeves Got ‘The Matrix’

You need talent and sometimes a whole lot of luck to make it in Hollywood. This was the case for Keanu Reeves. When asked about how he got the iconic role he said, “I was very lucky.” That’s honest and just how life goes sometimes. He continued, “Um, I got a call from my agent, saying that these directors, the Wachowskis, wanted to meet, and they sent me the script, and the script was absolutely amazing.” He knew immediately that this was going to be a big hit. That this was something that he needed to get in on, if possible.

It didn’t stop there, though. Keanu Reeves added, “and I went in to meet with them, and they showed me some artwork, of their vision, and an early version of ‘bullet time,’ and it was very exciting and inspiring, and we looked at each other, we ended up hanging out in a parking lot outside the offices just talking and riffing, and we basically just kinda shook hands — they told me they wanted me to train for 4 months prior to filming, and I got a big grin on my face and said: ‘Yes.’”

You can only imagine how wild it must have been for Keanu to experience “bullet time” in the moment. It was a big deal at the time and now. Interestingly enough, he had to train for several months, too, before even shooting the film.

Michael B. Jordan Speaks

Michael B. Jordan actually worked with Keanu Reeves when he was a kid. He loved it. He told THR, “While we were in production, Keanu took the whole cast out to dinner and we had a chance to meet [his Matrix co-star] Laurence Fishburne.” How cool is that, Outsiders?

Michael B. Jordan concluded, “To this day, I still remember thinking to myself in astonishment, ‘I guess this is what movie stars do — take their casts out to dinner with other big actors.’ So much respect for Keanu and Laurence. It really was such a cool moment with two of my heroes.” They were just nice. They were nice to everyone. Clearly, it made a big impact on Michael B. Jordan.