Keanu Reeves May Star in Upcoming Hulu Series Produced by Martin Scorsese

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images for Lionsgate )

Following the theatrical debut of his latest film The Matrix Resurrections, Keanu Reeves is reportedly in talks to star in an upcoming Hulu series that will be produced by Martin Scorsese.

According to Deadline, Keanu Reeves is currently in negotiations to star in the Hulu series The Devil in the White City, which is the adaptation of Erik Larson’s 2003 book. The book notably follows two men, an architect, and a serial killer. Both of their fates are forever linked by The Chicago World’s Fair of 1893.

“The architect who led the construction of the great Chicago World’s Fair of 1893. And the prolific serial killer who used the fair as a lure. Just blocks from the fairgrounds, the killer built a hotel of horrors. It is equipped with an acid vat, dissection table, and crematorium.”

Larson’s website also reveals that in November 2010, actor Leonardo DiCaprio acquired the rights to make a feature film based on Devil. DiCaprio has stated he plans to play the role of the killer, Dr. H. H. Holmes. The adaptation was previously set up as a feature at Paramount with Scorsese directing.

But in 2019, Hulu announced it was developing the project as a “big-budget” series with DiCaprio. Scorsese will be executive producing with Rick Yorn, Sam Shaw, Jennifer Davisson, Stacey Sher. Tom Field will direct the first episodes of the limited series. 

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves is currently working on other projects, including John Wick: Chapter 4 and DC League of Super-Pets. 

Keanu Reeves Recalls Motorcycle Joyride With Drew Barrymore 

According to Entertainment Tonight, Keanu Reeves recently spoke about the motorcycle joyride he went on with Drew Barrymore for her 16th birthday. 

The actor notably stopped by Barrymore’s daytime talk show last month. She said, “Can I take it back to a memory that I have with you? I was at this club and it was my 16th birthday. And you walked in and grabbed my hand. You took me outside and you put me on your motorcycle and we drove at the warp speed of my life.”

Barrymore also said that Keanu Reeves took her on the ride of her life. “I was such a free human being,” she stated “And it was just this moment where I just remember loving life and being so happy.”

Keanu Reeves then discussed which club they were at and what streets they rode on. “If we were on third, at night, yeah we could get on it. Riding your bike is thrilling and there is a freedom to it.”

When asked when he feels the most free, Keanu Reeves answered simply, acting. “That sense of being free was play. It was fun. I love what happens after someone says, ‘Action!’ The director of the first AD, sometimes. And then we being. We’re in the moment. It’s fun, so I’m really grateful to earn a living and have a career.”