Keanu Reeves Talks Getting the Most Out of Life

by Taylor Cunningham

Keanu Reeves has a pensive outlook on life. And at 57 years old, the Canadian actor is well aware that time is beginning to slip away.

So during an interview with The Guardian’s Tom Lamont, Reeves talked about making the most out of his life. And his first step to relishing each moment begins with being a true friend to everyone he meets.

“I’m interested in whoever I’m speaking to. I care,” he admitted.

But of course, being a good listener isn’t Reeves’s magic secret to living his best life. Understanding his mortality is.

As children, Reeves beliefs that life moves slowly. But each year, the pace at which we age begins to move faster. He said the process is just like an old-fashioned audiotape spinning away.

“When you’re young,” he told The Guardian’s Tom Lamont, “you have a big old reel of that tape left, right? And so, it appears to revolve slowly. Then, time passes, and there’s less and less tape left on the reel. It spins faster. It spins faster.”

The analogy was interesting to Lamont. And throughout the rest of the interview, he kept the concept in the back of his mind. Before signing off, the journalist wondered if Reeves worked so often and so tirelessly to avoid letting time slip away. Or at least, slow it down.

And the actor considered the question for quite some time before answering.

“It doesn’t slow down time. It doesn’t slow down time. It doesn’t slow down time.” Keanu Reeves concluded. “If anything, it speeds everything up.”

Keanu Reeves Answers a Decade Long Question: Would He Rather Live as John Wick or Neo?

Keanu Reeves has played some of the most interesting men on the silver screen. But his two most famous parts have been John Wick and Neo.

John Wick is an un-killable assassin who comes out of retirement after a gang of thugs taunts him. He eventually brings down the organization that used to employ him. And in turn, John saves millions of lives.

Neo—a.k.a Tom Anderson—is a skilled cybercriminal who is tasked with reuniting humanity with reality in The Matrix. In the movies, Neo is practically a superhero with the same “chosen one” destiny as most of the other iconic movie greats.

During an installment of Facebook’s Red Table Talk, one caller finally put Reeves on the spot and asked who he’d want to be if he could trade in his movie star identity for an on-screen persona. And his answer wasn’t surprising.

“Lots of ways to go with that,” Reeves answered. “Because we’re here speaking about The Matrix Resurrections, [I’d choose Neo] and I don’t think John Wick would mind. I think he’d understand, but I think to be able to be with [Moss’] Trinity and to have that life with them together and see what would happen.”

Catch Keanu Reeves playing his favorite part in The Matrix Resurrections, which premieres December 22nd in theaters and on HBO Max.