Keith Richards Gets Massive Cockroach Named After Him Honoring 77th Birthday

by Katie Maloney

Since he’s already won almost every music accolade there is, we’re running out of ways to honor rock n’ roll legend, Keith Richards – or, so we thought!

In honor of Richards’ 77th birthday, the Children’s Museum in West Hartford, CT is naming their Madagascar hissing cockroach “Keith Richards.” That’s right, now that we’ve run out of Grammys and Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Awards, the only thing left to do is to start naming oversized mite species after the famous guitarist.

To solidify Keith the cockroach’s rockstar status, the museum added a shiny miniature guitar to his enclosure. The museum posted a photo of Keith and his instrument and wrote “…We now have a special resident of The Wildlife Sanctuary.
Meet Keith Richards the Cockroach, named after Mr. Richards.” They then added, “We’re hoping to hear from his namesake!”

Fingers crossed the Keiths can meet face-to-(bug)-face!

What Does Keith Richards Have In Common With A Cockroach?

The museum explained the humorous connection between both Keith Richards and Keith The Cockroach – both Keiths have great survival rates. In the same post, the museum writes,” It has been said that two things are known to have great survival rates, Keith Richards and cockroaches.” Having originated over 280 million years ago, cockroaches are shockingly old and have survived events of magnitudes that killed off most of their fellow living creatures – so, we get the similarity.

Having personified the drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll era, there’s very little that Richards hasn’t done. He’s started a fire in the original Playboy Mansion, avoided major drug charges, and reportedly managed to stay awake for over a week straight while working on the album Some Girls with The Rolling Stones. He reveals his misadventures, in more detail than any of us knew we’d want, in his 2010 memoir, Life. We’re just glad Richards can now finally check “have a bug named after him” off his bucket list.

Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones sing “Happy Birthday.”