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Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Relax With Family at Low-Key Live Music Event in Sydney, Australia

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman attended a music event at Sydney’s Vaucluse House.

According to Daily Mail, the two were able to avoid massive crowds and fans for the day. Both Kidman and Urban had on sunglasses, hats, and face masks to try to keep as under the radar as possible.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Enjoying Sydney

The event had people out on the lawn in what appears to be a sunny and bright day in Sydney. The couple was also accompanied by their two daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Nicole Kidman had just reunited with her family after being in self-isolation last month for a new film. She had been in Belfast for “The Northman” where she will star alongside Alexander Skarsgård and Ethan Hawke. 

She quarantined at her $6.5 million Southern Highlands Estate.

In Australia now she is working on an upcoming Hulu show called “Nine Perfect Strangers.” She is now staying with her family, including her sister and mom. This year has allowed both Keith Urban and Kidman to be with their kids more.

Vaucluse House Events

The Vaucluse House is one of the last remaining mansions in Sydney. It is surrounded by gardens and wooded areas.

According to the Sydfest site, all Sydney Festival events still require a face mask while in foyers, theaters and outdoor venues.

Sydney has nearly reopened after Australia as a whole has been proactive with strict lockdown and regulations over the last year for COVID-19. According to the Washington Post, the nation of 26 million had close to eliminated the virus back in November. They eliminated a second infectious wave quickly by going into lockdown.

One of the current performers at the venue is “A Bee Story.” This show merges circus, acrobatics, dance, and live music into one show. It is meant to discuss and educate people on issues like sustainability, environmentalism, and community.

There is also a live art exhibition called Hive Mind. There are large floating bees arranged throughout the trees. Other activities include Daniel Rojas (a Latin American musician) as well as Jo Clancy (a Wiradjuri dancer).

Whatever it is the family saw, it appears Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been enjoying their time in Australia.