Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Would ‘Love to Have Cake’ with Dolly Parton

by Jonathan Howard

It wasn’t that long ago that Dolly Parton professed that she would love to bake a cake and sing all day long with Keith Urban.

Of course, Dolly isn’t looking to take anyone’s man. So, Nicole Kidman is invited as well. The Country Music Queen was asked who she would like to bake something good with and sing duets for an afternoon, in reference to her new line of boxed cake mixes.

“I love Keith Urban. I’ve always thought that he was one of the most talented and cutest guys in the world – I’m not trying to hit on him, cause he’s got Nicole who could beat that, she’s Jolene.”

Urban has worked with Dolly Parton in the past. In 2005, the two joined up for The Twelfth of Never for Dolly’s album Those Were the Days. So, this is something that could definitely happen. And, it looks like it just might. The Aussie singer-songwriter took to Instagram with his wife and accepted the offer. Check it out below and see for yourself.

Of course, Keith Urban opens up the video playing Applejack, a Dolly classic. The singer has talked about singing her songs in the past back in Australia growing up. Even as a youngster, Urban was playing guitar and singing.

“Miss Dolly, I’m so honored of the things you said, thank you,” Urban said. “I definitely will have a cake with you,” Kidman chimed in saying, “I’ll bake the cake with you… But don’t steal my man!”

They were both laughing and carrying on. Keith Urban finished by saying, “We love you, Dolly. I would love to have cake with you – we all would – and I would love to do a song with you sometime.”

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Never Finished High School

When you think of famous couples, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are up there with the most famous. Perhaps that duo can only be improved with an appearance from Dolly herself. However, that’s besides the point. It is more impressive that neither one of them completed their high school education.

“I didn’t finish Year 11 and I somehow got there [being an actress], are we allowed to say that?” Kidman said in an interview on KIIS FM.

“Don’t think Keith finished Year 10 either,” she continued. “But we shouldn’t be putting that out there, it’s not a good promotion.” Doesn’t seem that those last two years of school or so were all that important for either one of them in the end. Everyone has their own path in life.

When you sing and play guitar like Keith Urban at such a young age, maybe math and chemistry aren’t all that necessary. Stay in school though, kids!