Kelly Clarkson Admits One Detail About Her Past Had Deep Impact on Her Relationships Amid Divorce

by Madison Miller

After seven years of marriage, Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock are still going through the grueling process of a lengthy divorce.

Clarkson originally filed for divorce on June 4, 2020, meaning the ex-couple has been dealing with the legalities of it all for over a year. She recently made an appearance on Kevin Hart’s Peacock series, “Hart to Heart,” where she got incredibly candid on why some of her past relationships have not worked out.

Kelly Clarkson Opens Up About Her Father

At the core of it all, Clarkson believes not having a relationship with her father plays an ongoing role in her life. She did not grow up with her father and didn’t know him at all.

Clarkson said that while in therapy she has learned how these experiences continue to factor into her life today.

She said a huge part of it all is “because there’s no bar. If you’re not shown that bar at a young age, you don’t know, partner-wise, what really to look for. And I thought I did … there’s no [example] of how you should be treated, how a relationship should look like, all of that. I think, unfortunately, statistically, a lot of us go through it.”

The divorce between Clarkson and Blackstock has been incredibly public and not-so-pretty. She recently received a court order to pay $200,000 per month for spousal and child support. She is also paying his $1.25 million attorney fees.

According to the Blast, while this may seem like a substantial chunk of money, it’s only a fraction of what Kelly Clarkson makes per month. She makes around $1,538,617 in a month from her career in music, on “The Voice,” and hosting “The Kelly Clarkson Show” regularly. Blackstock has made a living by managing different musical acts over the years. Now, however, he’s ready to put a pause on it all and live life as a rancher in Montana.

Ongoing Divorce Struggles

The two had a major point of contention over the Montana ranch they lived in as a couple. According to US Magazine, Clarkson wanted to sell it because she saw it as a financial burden. Meanwhile, Blackstock wants to keep it and become a rodeo manager.

Clarkson was denied for her request to sell the ranch. However, he is responsible for the cost of maintaining the ranch, which is about $81,000 per month.

Even after a year, the divorce is very much still ongoing. It’s been a stressful year for the singer. At the same time, she also believes it will make her stronger in the long run. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, after all.

“You are thankful, and I’m a very strong individual. I’m very confident, and I’ve been forced to find that in myself. I’ve been forced to at a very early age. At some point, I say thank you to my father, who passed away last year. But I thank him as I wouldn’t have been able to be all that I am right now without all of that. So, you just take your cards you’re dealt, and you do the best you can with them,” Kelly Clarkson shared with Glamour UK.